How to Open or Close Catalyst Tool

Please remem­ber to OPEN your Cat­a­lyst tool/course once you are ready for your stu­dents to see it.  You need to do this before you announce its avail­abil­ity to your stu­dents. When we cre­ate new tem­plates or copy any of your pre­vi­ous Cat­a­lyst tools for you, they are closed by default.  We do not open these for you since you have to edit them and get them ready before stu­dents can view them.

How do you know that your Cat­a­lyst tool is closed? There are two ways.

  1. In the Cat­a­lyst dash­board, you can sort by the Avail­abil­ity col­umn and it will show you all the tools that are closed and open
  2. At the top of your tool where the heading/title is, you should see grayed out let­ters (Closed).

How to OPEN your Cat­a­lyst tool:

  1. Login to Cat­a­lyst and go to the dashboard.
  2. Find your course/tool from the list – make sure it’s the cor­rect one since old tools may be closed
  3. Click on “Actions” and select “Open Now”.  Now it should say “Open” next to the Actions pull-down menu

Cat­a­lyst Web­site:  Open or Close a Tool Now

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