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Update: November 3, 2013

Antibody List Dystroglycan Project Maelstrom Subclones Common Plasmid Box Drosophila Gene Collection CloneSet Drosophila Gene Collection CloneSet 2 (available from S. Parkhurst Lab) Amy Wang's Reagents Ashley George's Reagents Brad Stadler's Reagents Brad Stadler's miRNA Reagents antimiR List Jenn-Yah Yu's Molecular Biology Tools Junlin Qi's Virus Preps Maria Pinna's Reagents Sudeshna Seal's Reagents Steve Reynold's Reagents Tim Dosey's Reagents Michael Choi's Reagents Fly Stocks List
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Fly Base Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project PubMed NIH Stem Cell Page miRBase TargetScan

University of Washington

University of Washington Biochemistry Store Department of Biochemistry DNA Sequencing Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Healthlinks Lock Computer Center Keck Center Human Embryonic Cell Core Facility ISCRM Courses ISCRM Website


Cells Development Science Developmental Cell Nature Molecular Biology


AVIV Associates, Inc. Novagen Biologic Science Instruments Novex BioRad Perkin Elmer Boehringer Mannheim Pierce Clontech Promega ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sigma Life Technologies(gibco/BRL) Spectrocell Molecular Kinetics TosoHaas Molecular Probes MWG Biotech New England Biolabs

Genome Projects:

TIGR Microbial Database Haeomophilus influenzae Mycoplasma genitalium Archaelglobus fulgidus Mycoplasma pneumoniae Synechosystis sp. Borrelia burgdorferi Bacillus subtillis Helicbacter pylori Escherichia coli Methanococcus jannashii Andriy Yatsenko's web page yeast, S. cerevisiae

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