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Hacking Culture, Not Devices (the zine!)
We collaborated with artists Emily Alden Foster and Amy Burek (aka Awkward Ladies Club) to make a zine about the observational research we conducted in and around feminist hackerspaces.

Screenshot 2015-04-02 13.34.27

In putting this zine together, we wish to open a dialogue about the culture being made in and around feminist hackerspaces. Our research has started to reveal important connections between the work being done within these spaces and larger developments in corporate technology cultures. Members have reframed a concern for women’s access to technical industries as one of recognizing technical work already there, destabilizing the unmarked categories of technical labor. Our hope is that this zine can help spur a wider discussion of the practices and criticisms that are happening in these spaces. In doing so, we recognize that there is no solid view of what it means to be a hacker or a feminist. We instead wish to highlight the multiple views and practices that can take place under the auspices of the hackerspace, both technical work and feminist activism.

Click here for the full pdf.
If you’d like a paper copy, send an email with your mailing address to sefox@uw.edu!