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Media Literacy 101: Topics to Explore

Teen Aware: Sex, Media & You is designed to use media literacy as a strategy for presenting abstinence education. In order to successfully implement this strategy, it is first, of course, critical to understand exactly what we mean when we use the words, "media literacy." Media Literacy 101 explores the key concepts of media literacy. Each topic addresses a key concept, providing lessons and activities to explore with youth.

The brief selections included in this section are intended to provide both insight and inspiration, together with some quick overviews for ready reference.

Careful Packaging
There are no accidents in the ways in which media are packaged. Lessons and activities in this section encourage taking a second and more critical look at what appear to be seamless constructions of reality, tearing apart the seams and analyzing the resulting pieces.

Constructions of Reality
What the media construct for us is not reality itself, but only a version of reality. Lessons and activities are provided to encourage youth to compare reality and sample media representations of reality.

Media are all about audience. Lessons and activities require youth to examine this issue very carefully.

Media and Money
Lessons and activities consider those responsible for making a piece of media possible, and what they need/wants from their audience.

Media Agenda
Lessons and activities encourage youth to uncover the biases and values represented in select pieces of media.

Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking
While Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking by Chris M. Worsnop was written as an introduction to assessment in media education, the first part of this invaluable manual is helpful for introducing and expanding upon the five key concepts of media literacy. Teacher materials and student workbooks are provided for each key concept. To view the complete document, go to Be the Judge.

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