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General Overview

The Translational Center for Metabolic Imaging (TCMI) is located at the University of Washington in Seattle, with facilities at both the School of Medicine and the University's South Lake Union campus. It is currently working with an expanding number of collaborating research groups in the Seattle area and at other research sites throughout the country.

The broad goal of the TCMI is to advance transformational in vivo diagnostic tools and analytic techniques and provide a central infrastructure for their dissemination to the broad research community nationwide.



Current Focus

Our current focus in on developing and expanding access to new tools and methods that, for the first time, permit a systems analysis of mitochondrial (dys)function and cell energetics in aging and disease models. These innovations provide a vital resource for studying natural variation, genetic models, and drug manipulations in mouse and human models to allow evaluations of mitochondrial compensation in early disease and the failure associated with onset of symptoms and pathology. The goal is to characterize these mitochondrial and cell energy properties that maintain cell health and identify the tipping point into cell energy failure. The ultimate aim is to advance insights into the central role of mitochondria and cell energetics in human disease.