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Mouse Studies
Peter Rabinovitch (Nathan Shock Center, University of Washington)
mCAT tr (reduced oxidative stress) polG tr (increased mtDNA mutations)
Holly Van Remmen (Barshop Center for Longevity, Nathan Shock Center, UTHSCSA)
SOD1 KO (increased oxidative stress)
Stanley Froehner (University of Washington)
nNOS tr (muscular dystrophy)
Mary-Ellen Harper (University of Ottawa)
UCP3 KO (mitochondrial P/O)
Hazel Szeto (Cornell University)
Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants (SS peptides)
Joachim Voss (University of Washington)
AZT treatment
Human Studies
Jonathan Himmelfarb (University of Washington)
Kidney failure patients (oxidative stress)
Karen Syrjala (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Post-cancer treatment survivors (fatigue)
Marco Pahor (University of Florida, Institute on Aging)
Elderly human Resveratrol treatment
Luigi Ferrucci (National Institutes of Aging: Baltimore Long. Study)
Aging population (Aging mechanisms)
Bret Goodpaster (University of Pittsburgh)
Obesity and Aging
Steve Smith (Pennington Biomedical Research Center)
Human calorie restriction