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Recent Papers:

Dai DF, Chen T, Wanagat J, Laflamme M, Marcinek DJ, Emond MJ, Ngo CP, Prolla TA, Rabinovitch PS. Age-Dependent Cardiomyopathy in Mitochondrial Mutator Mice is Attenuated by Overexpression of Catalase Targeted to Mitochondria. Aging Cell. 2010 Apr 29. [Epub ahead ofprint]PMID: 20456298

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Costford, S. R., S. Bajpeyi1, M. Pasarica, D. C. Albarado, S. C. Thomas, H. Xie, T. S. Church, S. A. Jubrias, K.E. Conley and S. R. Smith. Skeletal Muscle NAMPT is Induced by Exercise in Humans.  Am J Physiol -
Endocrinol Metab (in press).

Marcinek, DJ, MJ Kushmerick and KE Conley. Lactic acidosis in vivo: Testing the link between lactate generation and H+ accumulation in ischemic skeletal muscle.  J Appl Physiol (in press).

Bajpeyi, S, Pasarica, M, C Moro, KE Conley, et al. No Relationship Between Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Function And Insulin Resistance In T2DM. Diabetes (in press).

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Key Papers (central to core TCMI research):

Marcinek, D. J., K. A. Schenkman, WA Ciesielski, D Lee, KE Conley (2005).  Reduced mitochondrial coupling in vivo alters cellular energetics in aged mouse skeletal muscle.  J Physiol; 569(Pt 2):467-73.

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Selected Papers (foundations of TCMI methods and approach):

Arakaki LS, Burns DH, Kushmerick MJ.  (2007) Accurate myoglobin oxygen saturation by optical spectroscopy measured in blood-perfused rat muscle. Applied Spectrosc 2007 Sep;61(9):978-85.

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