Tele-Collaboration in Speech and Hearing Sciences. The University of Washington, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Made possible by the University of Washington, Tools for Transformation fund.

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Enhancing teaching & research in Speech & Hearing Sciences through collaboration with clinical & research communities using innovative communication technologies.

Tele-Collaboration Web Modules:
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC):
This educational website has been developed through the collaborative efforts of UW faculty and regional clinical experts in AAC. The information relates to two topic areas of particular interest to the community:
AAC Vocabulary & Symbols
Understanding AAC Features
AAC Equipment Funding

Social Communication:
This research and educational site provides information to professionals and families about school-age children with social communication impairments. At the same time, the site gathers field data for University researchers regarding diagnosis and treatment of these children.
Social Communication Population
Social Communication Model
Social Communication Profile
Guidelines for Assessment

Supported Communication: Under construction
This website will be an on-line resource for clinicians and caregivers of individuals with acquired neurologic communication disorders that provides: (1)educational material about improving communicative interactions with individuals with aphasia; (2) a web-based application for creating and customizing communication notebooks, an alternative means of communication needed by many of these individuals; and (3) on-line data collection about the development and use of the books. Estimated launch date: December, 2001

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