Tele-Collaboration in Speech and Hearing Sciences. The University of Washington, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Made possible by the University of Washington, Tools for Transformation fund.

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The Tele-Collaboration ("Tcollab") Project:
The Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington is conducting this project to enhance teaching and research through collaborative interactions with our greater clinical and research communities. The focus of Year 1 has been on establishing "asynchronous" interactions via the Internet/Web, while setting the stage for the "synchronous" (e.g. real-time) collaborations for Year 2 of the project. Funding for this project was made available through the University's Tools for Transformation Funding Initiative.

Tele-Collaboration Proposal & Progress Reports.

Asynchronous Collaborations: Project faculty and staff have developed web-based modules for educational and clinical research purposes. The educational modules, for example in AAC, serve as supplemental material for on-campus students or for the greater clinical community. The clinical research modules, for example Supported Communication and the website on Social Communication, serve as interactive sites providing the community with information and intervention tools while providing University researchers with valuable field data. The development of these tools will continue into Year 2, with the anticipated debut in Spring 2001.

Synchronous Collaborations: The project has set the stage for the synchronous collaborations by improving the communications infrastructure within the department. We are now poised to begin projects that involve highspeed, broad bandwidth connections, including 1) synchronous data collection from colleagues serving low-incidence populations, and 2) real-time field data collection from natural communication contexts.

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