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Every year at the UW Tel Dor Field School is an exciting one, but 2009 was especially so:

We continued our excavations of the Roman and Hellenistic period buildings on the southern side of the Tel, and made some very exciting and important discoveries. In addition to grand new Hellenistic and Persian period walls that came up, our “small finds” included several bronze and silver coins, Roman and Hellenistic period lamps, medical instruments, curse tablets, bronze pins, bronze arrowheads, and a beautiful Egyptian molded glass amulet of the Greco-Egyptian god, Harpocrates. Check out our photos!

But the most magnificent find—and certainly the most exciting and historically important one—was an incredibly rare carnelian gemstone engraved with a portrait of Alexander the Great! There are only perhaps 20 to 30 of these in the world, and our UW find—discovered by UW Field School student Megan Webb—is helping to rewrite the history books. If you haven’t already heard about it, check out the stories in the Seattle Times and in UW's A&S Perspectives.

2009 was a great season of working, learning, laughing (Tel Olympics!) and living together. We extend our thanks to all of our 2009 Tel Dor students, and welcome all who would like to help this program continue!