TERIS Teratogen Information System

and the on-line version of Shepard's Catalog of Teratogenic Agents

Women and their physicians are increasingly concerned about possible teratogenic effects of drugs and other chemicals that may be encountered during pregnancy. Many physicians have limited access to information regarding the teratogenicity of drugs and chemicals, and this information is often highly technical and difficult to interpret to patients.

TERIS is a computerized database designed to assist physicians or other healthcare professionals in assessing the risks of possible teratogenic exposures in pregnant women. The database consists of a series of agent summaries, each of which is based on a thorough review of published clinical and experimental literature. Summaries may be accessed using either generic names or domestic or foreign proprietary names. Each summary includes a risk assessment derived by consensus of an Advisory Board comprising nationally-recognized authorities in clinical teratology.

An updated, automated version of Shepard's Catalog of Teratogenic Agents is distributed with TERIS. Users can access both systems simultaneously.


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