Textual Studies Program

Graduate Courses

FRENCH 551 / ITAL 551 Theories of the Text from Medieval Manuscripts to Digital Media (5)
Overview of textual theory and literary criticism. Foundations in philology and literary history. Bibliography and textual criticism. Formalist and poststructuralist critiques. Sociology and materiality of the text. History of the book. Texts in the digital age. Taught in English.

FRENCH 552 / ITAL 552 Manuscript Cultures (5)
Techniques, terminology, and bibliography of manuscript scholarship. The production of manuscripts from Antiquity through the Renaissance; the evolution of scripts; the rise of literacy; and the development of libraries in Italy and France. Topics and methods include material philology, textual criticism, relations between text/image, and the digitalization of manuscripts. Taught in English.

FRENCH 553 / ITAL 553 Topics in Print Culture (5)
Key readings, theoretical questions, and critical approaches in book history, focusing on printed texts from Gutenberg to today. The impacts of evolving technologies, material forms, and circulation within French, Italian, and other literary traditions. Methods and tools for evaluating an interpreting these impacts (bibliography, historie du livre, and textual scholarship). Taught in English.

C LIT 554 / ENGL 504 Digital Literary and Textual Studies (5)
An examination of digital textuality from the rise and fall of “hypertext” to contemporary convergence and transmediation in hybrid visual-verbal genres; computer games, digital video, and e-poetry. Coverage of practical issues surrounding digital scholarship and the digital humanities.

C LIT 555 / ENGL 558 Capstone in Textual and Digital Studies (1)
Capstone in Textual and Digital Studies. Prerequisite: ENGL 501/C LIT 551; recommended: Must have completed a sequence of three courses, beginning with an Introduction to Textual Theory course (ENG 501/C LIT 551) and followed by one core elective and one open elective related to Textual and Digital Studies . Credit/no-credit only.

ASIAN 541 Seminar in Asian Textual and Digital Cultures (5)
Topics may differ with each offering but will include aspects of textual and digital production in Asian cultures.

LIS 529 Digital Humanities Librarianship (3)
Investigates the intersections between content and technology in humanities librarianship with a focus on information problems and resources in the fields of philosophy, religion, the arts, language, and literature.