Textual Studies Program

2016-17 Graduate Courses


Fall 2016

Textual Theory/Theories of the Text – English 501A / Comp Lit 551A / French 551A. Prof. Geoffrey Turnovsky. Tues 12:30-3:20 (core course for PhD degree option in ENG and C LIT; required for TDS Graduate Certificate)


Winter 2017

Studies in Print Culture and Publication – English 503A / Comp Lit 553A. Prof. William Streitberger (core course for PhD option; core elective for TDS)

History of Recorded Information – LIS 508


Spring 2017

Digital Literary and Textual Studies – ENG 504 / Comp Lit 554. Prof. Jeffrey Todd Knight and Prof. Leila Norako (core course for PhD option; core elective for TDS)

Digital Humanities Librarianship – LIS 529. Prof. Helene Williams (core elective for TDS)

Seminar in Translation Studies – ASIAN 590. Prof. Heekyoung Cho (core elective for TDS)