2013-14 Undergraduate Courses

Winter 2014

French 224 – Culture and Media Forms, Prof. Geoffrey Turnovsky, MW 11:30-1:20

Explores French, Francophone, and European culture in history through a focus on varied and evolving media forms: manuscripts, printed books, digital media, visual forms, etc. Taught in English. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 224.

Interdisciplinary Arts 374 – Artists’ Books, Chelsea Jennings, TTh 3:30-5:30

This workshop will explore how to create artists’ books—sculptural/visual/textual works that engage with the form and idea of the book. You’ll learn some practices for creating new works of art out of old books, foundational bookbinding techniques, and strategies for combining verbal and visual elements in a single work. Along the way you’ll read a handful of critical essays that situate artists’ books in historical and theoretical context, and you’ll encounter a wide range of artists’ books that can serve as models and inspiration for your own.

Held at the UW Bothell campus.


Spring 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies 361: Twentieth-Century American Poetry, Chelsea Jennings, MW 3:30-5:30

This course’s exploration of twentieth-century American poetry will focus on how poems are shaped by historical context and textual materiality. We’ll read (and look at, and listen to) a wide range of poems in books, manuscripts, magazines, broadsides, and recordings, and we’ll consider how these material forms have been adopted and adapted by modernist, post-war, and contemporary poets. The final project will ask you to interpret one of the poems from the course in a new visual, sculptural, audio, video, and/or digital form.

Held on the UW Bothell campus.