Participating Faculty

Scandinavian Drama, Swedish Literature, Strindberg, Scandinavian Women Writers
Medieval Italian literature, Dante, manuscript culture
Brahms, problems in chronology, documents, word-tone relationships, editorial issues
Modern Korean literature, print culture, postcolonial studies, translation
Buddhist studies, Sanskrit, Early Buddhist manuscripts
Print culture in South Asia, Nineteenth-century novel, Urdu
Information design, web design, hypertext, software user assistance, PowerPoint
Medieval and early modern Spanish literature, materiality and authorship
Educational technology
Renaissance literature, history of the book, history of reading, print and manuscript culture
Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature, Fielding, print history
Experimental sound and radio, video, new media, experimental narrative
British Romanticism, textual theory, editorial practice
Hebrew Bible, ancient Near Eastern languages and cultures
Art law, artistic freedom, intellectual property
Art law, artistic freedom, contracts, copyright, intellectual property, trademark law
Pan-Hispanic traditional ballad, poetics of orally transmitted poetry, digital humanities
20th-century poetry and poetics, digital texts
Old English, Middle English, Medieval Latin, manuscript study, palaeography, codicology
Copyright, intellectual property, trademark law
Photographic criticism and theory, history of science, computers and knowledge representation
Hindi, linguistics, Indo-Aryan languages and linguistics
Medieval English history, Jewish history; political, constitutional, and economic history
Medieval Europe, Celtic history, women and gender
16th- and 17th-century British history, literature, and drama; textual theory and practice
Medieval and Renaissance music
Classification theory, metadata, knowledge organization, interoperability, versioning
Early modern France and Europe, print culture, early modern media, authorship, and readership
Medieval English literature, manuscript studies
18th-19th-century English travel narratives, editorial versions, critical theory