Join the Team!

2018-2019 RA Cohort: Suyi, Jenny (Lab Manager), Doris (Graduate Student), Imani (Graduate Student), Julisa (Graduate Student), Cindy, Tim, Dini, Grace, Lin, and Hannah (Lab Manager)

2017-2018 RA Cohort: Ming, Jelwyn, Suyi, Xinmeng, Lina, Madison, Cindy, Ying and Jenny (Lab Manager)


2016-2017 RA Cohort: Faarah, Jenny (Lab Manager), Monica, Vanessa, Jordan, Lina, Brittany

Research Assistants

Our lab is always open to undergraduate students eager to learn more about cultural psychology. Research assistants in the Culture Collaboratory are often involved in a large variety of projects that take them both into the lab and the field, offering an exciting and unique hands on experience to data collection.

Positions in our lab are non-paid and require that research assistants volunteer a minimum of 9 hours a week for at least two quarters.

We offer a variety of positions, including, for credit (PSYCH 499), Honors, and volunteer positions. If you are interested in joining, please email

Honors Students

If you are interested in joining the lab as an Honors student, we ask that you first work with us as a research assistant for two quarters, and then apply to be an Honors student.

Graduate Students or Post-Doctoral Fellows

If you are interested in applying to work with Dr. Fryberg as a Ph.D. student or Postdoc and would like to get in contact to learn more, please email Dr. Fryberg directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

All questions are answered by the lab manager.

  • What kind of research assistants are you looking for?

We look for research assistants who are not afraid of challenges. The ideal candidate should have a balanced academic/extracurricular schedule, the patience to work with children, and great communication skills.

  • Do you accept students on gap year / OPT?

Yes, we accept students on gap year and OPT but our expectations are different for each case. Gap year students who are US citizens have more freedom to set their work schedule, whereas OPT international students are legally required to work 20 hours a week for 12 months – no exceptions.

  • Do you accept college freshmen?

We encourage students to get their feet wet in research as early in their college years as possible. However, all of our research assistants have at least taken a course in social or cultural psychology before applying to the lab.

  • What are the lab’s business hours?

Lab is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays.

  • Can research assistants work on the weekend?

Guthrie Hall is not open on the weekend.

  • Is it okay if an RA candidate has no prior research experience?

It is okay to come in with no experience. We will train you. 

  • What kind of tasks are assigned to research assistants?

You will start by reading research papers on cultural/social/educational psychology. Then, you may move on to data entry (i.e., enter numbers in an excel spreadsheet) and data coding (i.e., pick out themes in participants’ short responses). Research assistants are not involved in the data analysis phase.

  • What questions do you ask in interviews?

As your lab manager, I care most about whether you’ll be able to commit long-term. I will ask questions about your coursework, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, career plan, and research interests. My goal is to foresee and prevent any interruptions that may arise during your time here in the lab.

  • Who do research assistants work with?

Research assistants will work directly with the lab manager, postdoc, and graduate students. There will be plenty of opportunities to collaborate with your peers in small teams.

  • Do you have any tips to boost a candidate’s chance of getting an interview?

First impressions matter. A well-written introductory email will set you apart from other candidates.