HUB Event Services (HUB EVS) is one of several units within the HUB department.

HUB Event Services prides itself in the flexible nature of its event spaces and the customer service provided to clients of the HUB. HUB EVS is responsible for managing all aspects related to meeting and event spaces and building supervision outside of office hours. Additionally, HUB EVS staff manage the Information services provided at the HUB Main Desk which include HUB Info Desk, HUB Lost & Found, HUB Ticket Office, and HUB Bulletin Boards.

The HUB, one of the most used meeting and event spaces on campus, has 2 small meeting rooms, 4 medium & 4 large meeting rooms, and large event spaces in the HUB Lyceum, Ballroom, Main Street, and HUB Lawn.

For the academic year 2014-15, HUB EVS received approximately 7200 Availability Checks and processed and managed 4998 confirmed meeting and event reservations.


HUB EVS is comprised of 6 professional staff and hires up to 50 student staff per quarter. The HUB is dedicated to providing employment opportunities to students to enhance leadership and work-related skills. HUB EVS offers students the opportunity to become specialists in processing reservations, event set up, event technology management, ticket sales & admission processing, and managing building operations after business hours and weekends, and much, much more.

Leyla Salmassi, Manager of Service Operations
Mary Dusek, Program Assistant
Amanda Koppelman, Event & Information Services Supervisor
Stephen Schreck, Building Services Coordinator
Ryan VanderVegt, Building Services Supervisor
Mei-Chun Woo, Program Coordinator

Student Building Managers


HUB EVS employs Student Building Managers (SBMs) that are responsible for facility management in the absence of HUB full-time professional staff. These periods include evenings, weekends, special events, holidays, and any other event. HUB SBMs have full authority to interpret and apply University and HUB policies and state laws (fire, alcohol violations, emergency evacuations, etc.). HUB SBMs have been trained by and have the confidence of HUB Administrative and Event Services staff to make decisions regarding all operations and events within the HUB while on duty.


Anthony - HUB SBM

Anthony – HUB SBM

Anthony T.
Class of 2016
HUB Employee since 2014
Major: Not declared
Home State: Washington


Dana Washington, Student Building Manager

Dana – HUB SBM

Dana W.
Class of 2016
HUB Employee since 2014
Major: Sociology
Home State: Washington


Kendall - HUB SBM

Kendall – HUB SBM

Kendall V.
Class of 2016
HUB Employee since 2013
Major: Law, Societies & Justice AND Political Science
Home State: Washington


Tyler - HUB SBM

Tyler – HUB SBM

Tyler C.
Class of 2016
HUB Employee since 2013
Major: International Studies
Home State: Washington