HUB Event Services (HUB EVS) manages all meeting and event reservations in the Husky Union Building. Reserving the HUB requires a knowledge and understanding of the following: Timelines before Submitting | Availability Check – Request and Review Process | Using EMS – Event Management System website.

Before Submitting an Availability Check

Things to be aware of before submitting an Availability Check.

TimelinesSeries ReservationsHUB Games

Ballroom & Lyceum – 2 years

Availability Checks for the HUB Ballroom and Lyceum are accepted 2 years in advance.
Example: For an event on Jan 10, 2018, an Availability Check may be submitted on Jan 10, 2016.

Meeting Rooms – 1 year

Availability Checks for HUB Meeting Spaces are accepted 1 year in advance.
Example: For a meeting on Nov 4, 2017, an Availability Check may be submitted on Nov 4, 2016.

HUB Lawn – 1 quarter

Availability Checks for the HUB Lawn are accepted in late summer for events during Fall quarter.

UW departments and student organizations that hold meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis are eligible to submit a Series Reservation request for HUB meeting space. The HUB accepts series reservation requests only for the upcoming quarter and only for HUB Meeting Rooms.

Series reservation requests are allowed approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. Any series reservations requests submitted prior to the established date and time will be denied.

Meeting Rooms

Series Reservation Request Dates

  • Winter Quarter 2017
    Mon, Dec 27, 2016 @ 8am
  • Spring Quarter 2017
    Mon, Mar 13, 2017 @ 8am
  • Summer Quarter 2017
    Mon, Jun 5, 2017 @ 8am

HUB Games accepts reservation requests separately from HUB Event Services. An EMS login is NOT required to reserve HUB Games.

HUB Games: Availability Check

Understanding the HUB Reservation Process

HUB Event Services prides itself in the flexible nature of its event spaces and the customer service provided to clients of the HUB. To better understand the reservation process and the impact on HUB staff and resources, HUB EVS has provided an outline of the Request and Review process.

Availability Check – Request and Review Process

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

Client Submits an Availability Check (Request)

  • HUB EMS: Online Request System A client wishing to reserve HUB space is required to have a HUB EMS login and password in order to access and use HUB EMS. Request a HUB EMS Login. The HUB EMS logins are manually assigned by HUB EVS staff. HUB EMS logins are not tied to the UWNetID login system.
  • Availability Check: The information provided by the client and submitted via the online reservation system allows HUB EVS staff to conduct an Availability Check for HUB space(s), resources, and staffing. It is strongly recommended that the client provide as much information as possible at this point as it helps tremendously and avoids costly delays in the reservation process.
    [This step was formerly referred to as a “Reservation Request.”]
  • Status: RECEIVED Upon submitting the online Availability Check to HUB EVS, the status of the request is listed as RECEIVED. This status will not change until there is a determination by HUB EVS of whether or not the space and resources, as requested, are tentatively available.
  • Client Responsibility: The client may check the status of the request at any point in the request and review process by logging into the HUB EMS system and going to View My Requests.

Client Receives Email Acknowledgment

  • Email Receipt: Upon submitting an online Availability Check, the client is sent an automated email acknowledging that the information has been RECEIVED.
  • Email Receipt: This email in no way represents that the request is a confirmed reservation.
  • Client Responsibility: This email provides additional information that is important for the client to understand about the reservation process. IT IS THE CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO READ, UNDERSTAND, AND BE AWARE OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS EMAIL.

HUB EVS Begins the Availability Check (Review)

HUB EVS reviews a number of factors when conducting a preliminary review to determine whether or not a meeting or event can take place in the HUB. Below is a list of factors that go into this decision-making process and their various results (statuses).

It is usually at this step when HUB EVS will reach out to the client and offer alternate solutions or options should there be a conflict with any of the following factors. The client may choose to accept or decline these alternatives.

  1. Review: HUB Space – The physical space and impact on surrounding space and existing reservations. The scope of the event and expected attendance determine whether or not the requested space is the most appropriate location for the meeting or event.
  2. Review: HUB Space Setup – The staffing and time required to set up the furniture and equipment. Events held immediately before and after the requested time may impact this determination.
  3. Review: HUB Resources – HUB equipment & external rentals. The scope of the event determines what the HUB can provide and what may need to be obtained from outside vendors.
  4. Review: HUB Staffing – The number of staff required to facilitate event needs. The scope of the event determines security measures and outside staffing resources that may be required.
  5. Review: Reservation Time – The scope of the event and any preparation/rehearsal/decoration as well as tear-down time. The impact on surrounding space and existing reservations is reviewed.
  6. Review: After Hours Access – Any request that requires access to the HUB outside building hours necessitates additional scrutiny and incurs additional fees and staffing.
  7. Review: Food Service – The scope of food or catering service for a meeting or event determines whether a food staging area or any food permits are required.
  8. Review: Alcohol Service – The scope of alcohol service for a meeting or event determines the type of permit required by the Office of Special Programs. Alcohol service may require extra HUB personnel assigned to the event.
  9. Review: UUF Approval – The scope of the event and expected attendance determines whether UUF approval is required by the Office of Special Programs.
  10. Review: Historical Info – HUB EVS will review archive event files and reports for events held previously in the HUB. Historical event information helps determine how to proceed with the request.

HUB EVS Determines the Status of the Availability Check

Once the preliminary review has been made, the status of the request may change to one of the following, depending on a variety of factors. The client can check the status of their request at any time by logging into HUB EMS and going to View My Requests.

  • Status: ADD’L INFO REQ-CHECK EMAIL The client will be contacted via email when HUB EVS does not have enough information to continue processing the Availability Check.
  • Status: AVAILABILITY CHECKED – DRAFTING A request with this status means that the preliminary review has been completed and HUB EVS is in the process of event diagramming, pricing, resource & staffing assignment, UUF determination, food/alcohol/security requirements, EPM & other deadlines are set, etc., to prepare for FINAL REVIEW.
  • Status: FINAL REVIEW A request with this status means that HUB EVS senior staff or supervisors are reviewing all event details before the request can be CONFIRMED.
  • Status: CHECK EMAIL – UNAVAILABLE The client will be contacted via email when HUB EVS determines that the HUB cannot successfully accommodate the meeting or event based on complications with any combination of the factors listed above. [highlight]This status effectively ends the request and review process.[/highlight]
  • Status: REQUEST CNX BY CLIENT This status indicates that the client submitted a cancellation request via HUB EMS at any point along the request and review process or has declined any alternate options provided by HUB EVS. [highlight]This status effectively ends the request and review process.[/highlight]
  • Status: RECEIVED If the client submits any CHANGES to their request, the status reverts to RECEIVED in order for HUB EVS to re-determine whether those changes can be accommodated. [highlight color=”blue”]This status effectively restarts the request and review process.[/highlight]

HUB EVS Processes a Confirmation

  • Status: CONFIRMED When HUB EVS has finalized all details, the client is contacted via email with a Reservation Confirmation. This email will have the event diagram, pricing and invoice information, additional forms (if necessary), and all pertinent deadlines.
  • Client Responsibility: This email provides important reservation details for the client to know and understand. IT IS THE CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MEET ALL DEADLINES & CONDITIONS, SIGN THE RESERVATION AGREEMENT, APPROVE ALL DIAGRAMS, AND READ & UNDERSTAND ALL POLICIES.

Using HUB EMS – Event Management System

Accessing the HUB’s Event Management System website requires an EMS Login. New clients may request an HUB EMS Login here.

HUB EMS – Availability Check

EMS Request – Steps

Step 1Step 2Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9

Log In to HUB EMS

Select “My Account” | “Log In” from the menu.
Use your assigned HUB EMS Login and password to log in.
NOTE: All reservation notifications/confirmations will be sent to the email address used as the Login Account.

Select the Appropriate Request Template

Select Reservations from the menu and choose the appropriate request template.


Provide Search Filter Criteria

Provide the following required search fields in the “When and Where” & “Setup Information” sections:
Date, Start & End Time, Attendance and Setup Type (optional).

Find Space

Click on the blue button labeled “Find Space”
The search results yield all available rooms based on the search filters.
If no rooms are available, adjust your search options and try again.
NOTE: Availability of rooms does not guarantee reservable space. All Availability Checks are processed in the order they are received. Until an Availability Check is evaluated, processed, and confirmed, the room may still appear as available within HUB EMS.

Select Room(s)

Select the room you would like to reserve by clicking on the corresponding green & white plus.

Event Details

Click on the “Details” tab and provide all necessary details in each of the sections. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk*.

NOTE: The Event Name, as entered here, will appear in the HUB Calendar of Events and be listed through the HUB Digital Display system. Please make sure it accurately and appropriately reflects the meeting or event name by which guests and visitors can easily find the event or meeting.

Agree to Terms and Conditions

Clients must agree to Terms and Conditions before clicking the Submit button.


Upon clicking the Submit button, an email confirming receipt of the Availability Check is sent to the email address of the HUB EMS Login account. HUB Event Services staff will process requests in the order they are received. The status of the Availability Check will be RECEIVED at this point indicating that HUB EVS has received the request.

Check Request Status

Clients can view the status of their requests by logging in to HUB EMS and clicking on View My Requests from the main menu.

A Reservation Confirmation is only sent following a completed Availability Check by HUB EVS staff. Details on the Availability Check – Request and Review process are detailed above.