Thank you, UW students, for your interest in the Husky Union Building.

Major Event Reservations

The HUB has implemented a change to the major event reservation process for RSOs/ASUW/GPSS. This change will enhance information gathering and event planning for student organization events in the HUB. All student entities submitting a reservation request for a non-meeting event will be required to meet with their assigned SAO Adviser. The advising meeting will help establish event details needed in order for the reservation to be processed and/or confirmed by HUB Event Services.

Major Event (Non-Meeting) Reservation Process

  1. A student representative submits an online reservation request using their assigned EMS login.
  2. Upon submit, an email is generated by the EMS reservation system to the student requestor indicating receipt of the reservation request. Detailed information and further instructions are provided in this email. And, this email should not be considered a confirmation of reserved space.
  3. The student requestor is required to make an appointment and meet with their assigned SAO adviser within 5 business days of submitting the reservation request. SAO is in HUB 232.
  4. HUB Event Services is notified upon scheduling and/or meeting with the SAO adviser.
  5. The requestor and SAO adviser complete a HUB Event Intake Form providing detailed event information which is then submitted to HUB Event Services.
  6. HUB Event Services completes a review of the information in the reservation request and HUB Event Intake Form.
  7. Once processed, HUB Event Services notifies the student requestor of the status of their reservation request.

Reduced Rates for Students

The HUB receives a funding allocation from the Services & Activities Fees (SAF) paid by students as part of tuition and fees. In addition to providing some free meeting space in the HUB, SAF funding allows us to provide discounted rates to students and student organizations for the use of its larger meeting and event space in the HUB.

HUB Free Meeting Policy

Student organizations are eligible for ONE meeting for two hours or less per week in small and mid-sized meeting rooms in standard sets.

Free Meeting Requirements

  • Request must be received AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE
    [Free Meeting requests submitted with less than 3 business days lead time will NOT be processed)
  • Charges apply for equipment, custom sets and/or food service events
  • Meetings must be open to campus ONLY and NO fees may be collected

Small Rooms

HUB 238 – Conference/Board room set for 20
HUB 307 – Conference/Board room set for 20

Mid-Sized Rooms

HUB 106 – Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables
HUB 214 – Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables
HUB 337 – Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables
HUB 340 – Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables

SORC Meeting Rooms

HUB 111 – 2 Meeting Rooms and 1 Karaoke room
Website: SORC EMS

HUB Rates for UW Students and Student Groups

The following ratesheets are provided for the UW student population and reflect the room reservation cost. Additional charges apply for equipment, furnishings, custom sets, food service events, cleaning, etc.

Ratesheet: Lyceum & Ballroom [requires a student UWNetID]
Ratesheet: Meeting Rooms [requires a student UWNetID]
Ratesheet: A/V and Equipment [requires a student UWNetID]

Student Reservation Rate Comparison

Much has been debated regarding student reservation rates for the HUB following the HUB remodel. HUB Event Services has prepared a document which details the 2010 and 2012 reservation rates for students and student organizations for both meeting rooms and large event spaces. Please feel free to review the rates and contact the HUB for clarification or questions.

Student Reservation Rate Comparison: 2010 – 2012 [requires a student UWNetID]