The HUB cannot achieve its mission of managing the HUB and providing top-notch service without the assistance of outstanding student employees. The HUB employs up to 90 students throughout its offices and services and in a number of capacities.

Typical Student Jobs in the HUB

  • By George Newsstand: Cashier/attendant
  • HUB Accounting: Accountant/Courier
  • HUB Cashier: Student Cashier
  • HUB Event Services: Event reservations, setup, and on-site management
  • HUB Games: Cashier/attendant, bowling technician
  • HUB Graphics: Graphic designer/marketer
  • HUB Info Desk/Lost & Found/Ticket Office: Customer service assistants, cashier
  • HUB Technology: Web & database programmers, social media coordinators, digital display coordinator
  • Resource Center: Office assistant, computer tech
  • Student Activities Office: Office assistant

Current HUB Openings – HuskyJobs

Any student employment opportunity in the HUB will be posted to HuskyJobs and announced here. Applications will only be accepted via HuskyJobs. Visit HuskyJobs or Sign in here to view other job opportunities open to UW students.

Job Title HUB Unit Husky Job # Closing Date
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Other Student Employment Opportunities