Fun After Finals

Fun After Finals is a time for fun in the midst of finals week. The HUB offers several fun activities at HUB Games during this time, including:

FAF Discounts

  • 30% off all HUB Games activities
  • Wear a jersey, get a free small popcorn
  • All sports video games are FREE to PLAY

Fun After Finals occurs the first three days (Mon-Wed) of finals week every quarter from 10a-10:30p.

2014-2015 Dates

Fall Quarter

December 8-10

Winter Quarter


Spring Quarter

June 8-10

About Fun After Finals

Finals are a hard time for everyone on campus. People are stressed; students stay up way too late and eat way too little. Here at the HUB Games Area, on the first three days of finals week, we hold an event called Fun After Finals, formerly known as Husky Pause. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10a-10:30pm we offer 30% off all our gaming activities, sports video games are FREE, and anyone wearing a sports jersey gets a free small popcorn.

We understand that students can’t afford to take a break during finals week, but we’re inviting you to simply come join the fun. Study for your final, take it and do your best, then bring your friends to the HUB Games Area and relax for an hour or two before your next study session. What better way to unwind after finals than getting some free stuff?! So join us for a little Fun After Finals!

Program Contacts

Jason Hansen

Jason Hansen
HUB SB-250

Jennifer Pope

Jennifer Pope
HUB 232