HUB Crawl

HUB Crawl 2014: Saturday, September 20

The HUB Crawl schedule will be released in August 2014.

UW students are invited to participate in HUB Crawl 2014. HUB Crawl, as part of Dawg Daze has plenty of fun events, food, and activities:

Check out what happened at HUB Crawl 2013

HUB Crawl 2013

  • HUB Crawl: 7-11p
  • HUB Games: Free pool, table tennis & video gaming
  • Open until 9pm
  • U.S. Bank: Prize Wheel and Cash Booth with prizes & giveaways
  • HUB Crawl: 8:30-11:30p
  • HUB: uSnap Photo Booth – HUB Street
  • HUB: Henna Artists – HUB Street
  • HUB: Wax Hands – HUB Street
  • HUB: Balloon Artists – HUB Street
  • HUB: Caricaturist – HUB Street
  • HUB: Button-making station by Resource Center – HUB Street
  • HUB: Wii & X-Box Gaming hosted by Husky Hollow Games
  • HUB: Board Gaming in the HUB Lounge
  • RSO Event: Manic Mouth Spoken Word in the HUB 106 – Welcome Center
  • RSO Event: Trivia Contest by Quizbowl in the HUB 145
  • RSO Event: Student Dance-Off, Contest, Lessons, Demonstrations in the HUB Lyceum
    Hip Hop Student Assn, Salsa Dance Club, Swing Kids
  • ASUW Event: Live Broadcast by Rainy Dawg Radio
  • Husky Den: Free pizza slices from Pagliacci Pizza
  • Husky Den: Hot Dog Eating Contest by HFS
  • HUB Crawl Dance: 10p – Midnight
  • HUB Crawl Dance: Spun by DJ Mind HazZard
  • HUB Crawl: Bubble Tea
  • HUB Crawl: Dance in the HUB Ballroom

Program Contacts: Leyla Salmassi & Sara Torres

Email Leyla | Email Sara | 206-543-8191