Campus Subscription Program

The HUB is partnered with The New York Times campus subscription program to bring the UW community a variety of subscription benefits, usually 75% off. The NYT Campus Subscription Program is managed by the staff at HUB Games.

Subscription Options

Home Delivery

There are three subscription home delivery options (5-day/7-day/Weekends). The NY Times will bill directly for this option. This subscription option includes All Digital access to the NYTimes.

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On-Campus Delivery

HUB Games and By George Newsstand are the pick up locations for all on-campus NYTimes deliveries. Payment for on-campus delivery must be remitted to HUB Games before subscription can begin. This subscription option includes All Digital access to the NYTimes.

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Digital Subscription

All digital subscriptions are processed by NYTimes directly. In order to receive the UW discount, digital subscriptions must be processed at the following website:

The NY Times in the Curriculum

The New York Times combines prize-winning journalism, excellent writing and comprehensive insights into national and global affairs – making it a wonderful resource with which to engage your students. Reading the nation’s most honored newspaper can help your students develop a richer understanding of the material they’re studying, stimulate critical thinking and foster well-informed classroom debate. Using The New York Times in your classroom can help students to:

  • Spur critical thinking
  • Increase global awareness
  • Enhance intellectual and social development
  • Stimulate class discussion
  • Create a connection between campus community and the real world

University and college instructors across the country find The New York Times an outstanding addition to their course materials. You can even find suggested strategies and methodologies on our New York Times in College.

When 10 or more students subscribe to The NY Times, educators can receive a complimentary Monday through Friday subscription for the quarter.

For more information about these resources and The New York Times online access, please contact Sheila Ellis of The NY Times at

Visit the NY Times online.

HUB Service Contact
Jason Hansen

Jason Hansen

Phone: 206-543-5975
Location: HUB B250 (HUB Games)

Updated: November 23, 2016