The HUB remodel improved the facility on many levels while trying to minimize the impact on services. Even with the many new services, offices, and facility, a number of services did not return to the HUB or have alternatives.

The HUBHUB CashierHUB NewsstandHFS
Discontinued Service Alternative
Club Memberships The HUB Main Desk no longer sells memberships for the kayak, climbing, or yacht clubs. The RSOs are responsible for providing their own membership sales.
Computer Lounge Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may utilize the computer and printing services at the Student Organization Resource Center.
Commuter Students may utilize the Commuter & Transfer Commons which has a Dawg Prints station and other computer services.
Payphones N/A. With the proliferation of personal cellphones there is no longer a need for payphones.
Rideshare Board Zimride for UW
WASDoT Rideshare Online
TV Lounge HUB Games has a television in the Billiards room featuring UW cable channels.
The HUB, at its discretion, will utilize mobile televisions to air special television programming in the HUB Main Lounge.
US Postal Drop Box &
Stamp Vending Machine
There is a Copy & Mail Center in Communications Building B-042 (8a-4:30p).
Campus mail can be deposited in the Brown Mail Box located at the entrance of N-22 parking lot (HUB North Entrance)
Discontinued Service Alternative
Coin Counting N/A
Notary Services U.S. Bank offers notary service.
Discontinued Service Alternative
Classroom essentials Marksense forms and other classroom necessities are available at By George Newsstand.
Coffee, snacks, candy Soft drinks, snacks, and sandwiches can be found in HUB Games and By George Newsstand.
Husky Card deposits HFS: Husky Card Services.
Newspapers The New York Times subscription services are now located at HUB Games.
The Seattle Times and other newspapers and magazines can be found at University Book Store.

The HUB still manages and operates the By George Newsstand in the Basement level of Odegaard Library

Discontinued Service Alternative
Husky Card Add-Value Station HFS: Husky Card Services.