Student Org Offices

Student Org Offices in the HUB

The Office Space Assignment Committee (OSAC) is responsible for assigning student organization office space in the Sub-Basement of the HUB. Student organizations must maintain their registered status and remain in good standing in order to remain eligible for HUB office space. The office assignment process follows the registration cycle by the Student Activities Office (SAO). For additional details please contact SAO in HUB 232.

Office Assignment Policy

Policy: HUB RSO Office Space

RSO Office Holders

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Office Assignment RSO Email Last Registered
HUB SB-276 AIESEC Seattle 2014-2015
HUB SB-283 Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Society 2014-2015
HUB SB-265 Alpha Phi Omega Co-Ed Service Fraternity 2014-2015
HUB SB-287 American Medical Student Association Pre-Medical Chapter 2014-2015
HUB SB-267 Amnesty International 2013-2014
HUB SB-283 Anime Discovery Project 2014-2015
HUB SB-281 Asian American Christian Fellowship 2014-2015
HUB SB-256 Chinese Student Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-256 Chinese Students and Scholars Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-279 Christian Students Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-265 Circle K International 2014-2015
HUB SB-264 Climbing Club 2014-2015
HUB SB-260 College Republicans 2014-2015
HUB SB-281 Cuisine Club 2014-2015
HUB SB-280 Delta Delta Sigma Pre-Dental Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-285 Delta Lambda Phi 2014-2015
HUB SB-267 Disciple Makers 2014-2015
HUB SB-276 Golden Key International Honor Society 2014-2015
HUB SB-269 Graphic Novel 2014-2015
HUB SB-269 Habitat for Humanity 2014-2015
HUB SB-267 Healthcare Alternative Spring Break 2014-2015
HUB SB-277 Hong Kong Student Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-267 Husky CERT 2014-2015
HUB SB-253 Husky United Military Veterans 2014-2015
HUB SB-264 Husky Winter Sports 2014-2015
HUB SB-280 Japanese Student Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-264 Japanese Trading Card Game Society 2013-2014
HUB SB-272 Korean Student Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-272 Korean Student Union 2014-2015
HUB SB-261 Mortar Board 2014-2015
HUB SB-289 Muslim Students Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-284 National Pan-Hellenic Council 2014-2015
HUB SB-269 Planned Parenthood Votes at the UW 2013-2014
HUB SB-279 Pre-Law Society at UW 2014-2015
HUB SB-275 Russian-American Youth Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-287 Society of Women Engineers 2013-2014
HUB SB-285 Student Action Network 2014-2015
HUB SB-262 Taiwanese Overseas Student Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-262 Taiwanese Student Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-269 Teaching Ethnic Empowerment Toward Health 2013-2014
HUB SB-289 Tzu Chi Collegiate Association 2014-2015
HUB SB-275 UNICEF 2014-2015
HUB SB-284 United Greek Council 2013-2014
HUB SB-277 University Christian Fellowship 2014-2015
HUB SB-255 Washington Public Interest Group 2014-2015
HUB SB-259 Washington Yacht Club 2014-2015
HUB SB-260 Young Democrats 2014-2015
Office Assignment RSO Email Last Registered
Displaying 1 - 47 of 47

Updated: November 15, 2014