Reserve the HUB

Reservation Request Timeline

Ballroom & Lyceum

Reservation requests for the HUB Ballroom and Lyceum are accepted 2 years in advance.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting reservation requests are accepted 1 year in advance.

HUB Lawn

Reservation requests for the HUB Lawn will be accepted in late summer for events during Fall quarter.

Online Reservation Process

The button at the bottom of this page will take you to the HUB Reservation Request system. Please follow the directions below when making your reservation request.

1. Select “My Account” | “Log In” from the menu.
Use your assigned Login Account and password to log in.
NOTE: All reservation notifications/confirmations will be sent to the email address used as the Login Account.
2. Select Reservations from the menu and choose either 2012 HUB Meeting Space or 2012 HUB Ballrooms & Lyceum.
3. Provide the following required search fields in the “When and Where” & “Setup Information” sections:
Date, Start & End Time, Attendance and Setup Type (optional).
4. Click on the blue button “Find Space”
The search results of available rooms will be listed.
If no rooms are available, adjust your search options and try again.
NOTE: Availability of rooms does not guarantee reservable space. All reservation requests are processed in the order they are received. Until a reservation request is approved, booked and confirmed, the room may still appear as available online.
5. Select the room you would like to reserve by clicking on the corresponding green & white plus.
6. Click on the “Details” tab and complete the Reservation Request form by providing all necessary details in each of the sections. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk*.
7. You must agree to Terms and Conditions before you Submit your reservation request. You may log out using the menu or simply exit your web browser.
8. Upon clicking the Submit Reservation button, an email confirming receipt of the reservation request is sent to the email address of the Login Account. HUB Event Services staff will process requests in the order they are received. A follow-up email is sent when the reservation is approved, booked and confirmed.