Equipment Rentals

The HUB has an array of audio visual equipment, sound systems, and staffing services to enhance meetings and events held in the HUB. It is important that clients understand and communicate their meeting and event needs so that HUB Event Services staff can outfit their event with the most appropriate equipment and services. All rental fees are disclosed in the reservation confirmation.
Please Note: HUB equipment is not available for use in other campus buildings.

Audio Equipment

House PA

PA system for speakers, short videos, and light pre-recorded background music. May include up to 4 wired mics. Available in HUB Lyceum and both Ballrooms.

Built-in PA for Meeting Rooms

Available in HUB Rooms: 106, 145, 214, 250, 332, 337, 340. Includes 2 wired mics upon request.

Performance PA Package*

Available in HUB Lyceum (facing stage), North Ballroom (facing south), South Ballroom (facing south) and both Ballrooms (facing south) only. Includes up to 16 inputs (mics, direct inputs, etc.) and 2 monitor speakers.

HUB Lawn PA*

Includes 2 Mackie speakers, 8-channel mixer, up to 4 mics.

Mics and Direct Input Boxes

For use with HUB sound systems only.

Wireless Mics

Includes wireless or lapel mics. Use of more than 1 wireless mic MAY result in feedback. For use with HUB sound systems only.

Monitor Speakers

For use with HUB sound systems only.

Video/Projection Equipment

Data/Video Projector**

Includes screen. Interactive whiteboard & LCD projector, screen, and sound if needed for video.

Smartboard & Projector**

Interactive whiteboard & LCD projector, screen, and sound if needed for video.

55-inch LCD TV

On cart with VGA, HDMI, component composite inputs. Does not include DVD player, laptop, or other accessories.

DVD/CD Player

PA system and Projector/TV is required. For use with HUB projectors and TV only.

Video Camera/

On tripod. Image magnification only. Recording services are NOT available. Requires platform (fees applicable).

HUB Client Responsibility

  • All computers and computer support/IT
  • Adapters for Apple (Mac) laptops
  • Presentation management or slide advancement, i.e. PowerPoint management

The HUB Provides

  • VGA & HDMI connection. Both CANNOT be used simultaneously
  • A SINGLE source connection for a SINGLE device (laptop/computers)
  • A connection at lectern/head table/front of room
  • Other locations may be accommodated upon request in the Ballrooms and Lyceum ONLY. Please plan in advance of your final AV/setup deadline outlined on confirmations

Additional Meeting & Event Equipment

Stage Sections

6-feet by 8-feet sections available in 2- or 4-feet high.
Small Stage: 1-4 sections
Medium Stage: 5-8 sections
Large Stage: 9+ sections

Performance Lighting Package*

Available in HUB Lyceum and Ballroom only, as-is, and at existing presets, with very limited changes, if possible. Additional changes incur fees.

Pipe & Drape

10-foot wide curtain sections, in black.

Table Skirts

Purple table skirts. Not available for use with refreshment tables.

Sign Easels & Clip Stands

5 free upon request, per reservation. Additional easels/stands incur fees.

Internet Services

Wireless Ethernet

Wifi is available in the HUB, accessible with UWNetID. Guest NetID can be obtained via UW sponsor.

Ethernet Hub

7-port hub for wired ethernet access.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Power Drop

Access to power closets. For extra electrical power available in the ballrooms and Lyceum. Does not include planning, diagramming, and setup fees.

Power Fees

Includes diagramming, planning, setup of equipment, and 3 to 5 electrical cords (based on venue). Available in meeting rooms and ballrooms.

Extension Cords

3 to 5 free cords upon request (based on venue). All extension cords must be provided by the HUB. Power strips are NOT available or allowed.

Telephone with Digital Line

Not suitable for polycom/conference calls. Polycom conference calls require an adapter not available from the HUB.


Baby Grand available in the Ballroom. Upright Piano in the Lyceum. Not available in meeting rooms. Tuning services incur a tuning fee.

Coat Racks

Rolling coat racks accommodate large numbers of coats.


U.S. and Washington State flags.

Technical Staffing

Facilities Services Assistant (FSA)

Required for all events in the ballrooms, Lyceum, multiple rooms, or as assigned.

Sound Operator

Required for any Performance PA rental or as assigned.

Event Staff

Ticket-takers, ID checkers, capacity monitors.


* Requires a Sound Operator or Facilities Services Assistant (FSA)
** The HUB does NOT provide computers or computer support. All clients are responsible for having a computer equipped to work with a data projector.
Additionally, Apple (Mac) display adapters are NOT available. Clients are responsible for providing their own adapter when using Apple (Mac) computers.