Request a Login

The HUB’s online reservation system, HUB EMS, requires an EMS Login and password. Request an EMS Login using the form below.

HUB EMS Login Account

A single email address will serve as the Login Account for HUB EMS. The email address used for the Login Account will be used to send all notifications regarding HUB reservations. Login Accounts will be assigned 1/per Department, Student Org, Off-Campus Entity. We strongly discourage using one person’s email address as the Login Account.

Requests for Login Accounts are not automated. HUB Event Services staff will process your Login Account request within 3 business days and will notify you via email when the account is active. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Forgotten Password

Request to have a forgotten password sent to you. Visit the HUB EMS Login page, enter your email address and click on Email me my password. This option is only available for existing HUBRES logins. To create a new login account, submit the form below.


Each Login Account can have multiple Contacts. It is important that all Contacts have access to the email account used as the Login Account in order to receive email notifications regarding their HUB reservations.

UW Department Contacts: Multiple staff members may be listed as Contacts under one Login Account.
ASUW/GPSS Contacts: Multiple ASUW/GPSS staff members may be listed as Contacts under one ASUW/GPSS Login Account.

Student Organization Contacts:
  • Must be currently registered with SAO
  • Only RSO Email/Web Account will be used as Login Account
  • Only listed officers may be listed as Contacts
  • No exceptions will be allowed.

UW Dept Example

Dept Name: ABC Dept of Hard Work
Dept Email/Login Account:
Contact 1: Mary Sundodger
Contact 1 UW email:
Contact 2: Joe Husky
Contact 2 UW email:

RSO Example

RSO Name: Husky Club
RSO Email/Login Account:
Contact 1 (Student Officer): Mike Huskyfan
Contact 1 UW email:
Contact 2 (Student Officer): Harry Husky
Contact 2 UW email: