HUB Fundraising Forms

RSOs wishing to hold fundraising activities, sales or raffles on campus must demonstrate that the activity itself serves an educational purpose, and that any proceeds either will further the goals of the organization, provide additional programs for the student body or benefit a charitable organization. RSOs wishing to hold fundraising events should meet with an SAO adviser early in the planning process to ensure compliance with University regulations. Fundraising forms are to be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the event to the RSO’s student activities adviser.

Charitable Fundraising

A Charitable Fundraising Request Form is used when an event or service provided by an RSO will go to benefit a charity. Written confirmation from the charity stating they approve the event needs to be obtained by the RSO and submitted to RSO’s student activities adviser.

See fundraising guidelines for RSOs here.
Charitable Fundraising Request Form 2016-17

Sales and Food Fundraising

A Sales and Food Fundraising Request Form is used when and RSO is planning to sell items, services or food on campus.

See fundraising guidelines for RSOs here.
Sales & Food Fundraising Request Form 2016-17

Raffle Request Form

A Raffle Request Form is used for any RSOs conducting an event with a raffle on campus.

See raffle guidelines for RSOs here.
Raffle Request Form 2016-17

Other HUB and Campus Forms

RSOs wishing to hold events requiring UUF approval, events with food service or sales, or wishing to advertise their events must complete and receive authorization from these respective campus units. Each form carries its own recommended deadlines.

HUB Digital Display Advertising

RSOs get 1 free week of advertising per quarter for on-campus events. RSOs also get 1 free week of advertising major events held in the HUB. Additional information and requirements for placing an advertising request can be found on the HUB Digital Display Advertising form.

Use of University Facilities (UUF) Request Form

An approved UUF is needed for events that are held outdoors, are open to the general public, off-campus guests will be attending, are political in nature or involve private or commercial sponsors. The Office of Special Programs (OSP) administers this approval.

See UUF guidelines for RSOs here.

UUF Request Form

Temporary Food Service Permit

All food sold or served on University premises must meet applicable health standards as interpreted by the Environmental Health and Safety Department. RSOs wishing to provide food for their members and guests at meetings or other events should meet with an SAO adviser early in the planning process to ensure compliance with University regulations.

See Temporary Food Service Permit guidelines for RSOs here.

Temporary Food Service Permit Form

Sandwich Boards, Lawn Signs, Banners

  • UW Facilities Services oversees the displays of sandwich boards, lawn signs and banners for most outdoor locations.
  • RSOs wishing to place sandwich boards, staked signs, or banners on the HUB Lawn should contact HUB Event Services for information on how to submit an online request.
  • HUB Advertising approves indoor (paper) banners and can be requested online.

See Sandwich Board, Lawn Signs and Banners Request guidelines here.

Facilities Service Request Forms
HUB Indoor Banner Request Form

Alcohol Service Request (ASR) Form

RSOs wishing to serve alcohol at a campus event require official University approvals and state licensing. RSOs must submit an Alcohol Service Request (ASR) to the Use of University Facilities Committee (UUFC) via the Office of Special Programs (OSP) before applying for a WA state banquet permit or special occasion license from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

See Alcohol guidelines for RSOs here.

ASR Form

Events and Arranged Parking

RSOs hosting events where parking is needed for attendees can submit an Events and Arranged Parking Request on the UW Transportation Services website.

Events and Arranged Parking

Updated: May 16, 2017
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