The HUB, in an effort to assist Registered Student Organizations, has a source of funding to help make such activities and events possible.

HUB Event Funds for RSOs

  1. Funding will be granted only to cover the costs of the facility.
  3. The maximum funding available per academic year is $1,000 per RSO.

Funding Requirements

To be considered for funding, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) must:

  • Submit a funding request at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Hold the event/program in University of Washington facilities
  • Agree to work with a Student Activities Office (SAO) adviser.
  • Reserve the space and have received a confirmation.
  • Have sufficient time to plan a program.
  • Be in accordance with all applicable HUB, University and state policy and procedures.
  • Support the University’s goal of increasing the sense of community.
  • Must be advertised and open to all members of the University of Washington-Seattle community.

Funding Request Process

  1. Log in to RSO Community
  2. Click on the “Student Groups” tab, select the correct RSO name
  3. In the “Documents” tab, download and complete the appropriate form
  4. In the “Budget” tab, click on the “Budget Request” tab
  5. Select “Submit New Budget Request,” fill out the form, click on “Add Document” and upload completed funding request form
  6. Click on “Add Line Item” and enter the appropriate type/name/amount
  7. Click on “Save” to complete the request
  8. Make an appointment with an SAO Adviser to have the funding request reviewed

Updated: November 16, 2016
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