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Trademarks & Licensing

Use of University Logos, Images and Insignias

The University of Washington, like most universities, monitors and regulates the use of its name, logo, images and insignias on items such as T-shirts, novelty items, correspondence, and other emblematic materials. All such variances of names and visual representations are considered UW trademarks, for which approval from the Trademarks and Licensing Office must be obtained.

Procedures for Campus Use

When ordering products bearing the University’s name, logos, and/or any verbal or graphic representation, which in any way implies affiliation with the University, procedures for Campus Use must be followed. All products produced utilizing the marks of the University must be manufactured by a licensee. Merchandise produced for resale (even for sale at cost) may require a royalty rate for use. If you give items away and the student organization pays the expense, the organization can request a royalty waiver by filling out a Campus Use Request form found on the Trademarks and Licensing Office website at

The Trademarks and Licensing Office will review the request to determine whether or not to waive the royalty. Some examples of internal trademark use include:

  • T-shirts imprinted with the name of a student group or campus department.
  • Novelty items imprinted with the University’s name and sold at a special function as a fundraiser.
  • UW emblematic items produced as gifts for business associates, sponsors, or friends of the University.

Those wishing to use University trademarks must use a manufacturer who is authorized to produce emblematic merchandise to:

  • Ensure that sales of any items bearing the University’s trademarks generate funds to support vital campus programs.
  • Ensure adequate protection of the University’s image and intellectual property rights.
  • Limit the risk to the University.

Please Note: The Trademarks and Licensing Office cannot approve an application for Campus Use until a licensed manufacturer has been established. If the manufacturer you have indicated on your Campus Use Request does not have a license to produce UW emblematic merchandise, the Trademarks and Licensing Office will invite you to choose a different manufacturer who holds a license, or your preferred manufacturer may request an application for licensing.

Student Activities Office Assistance

SAO advisers can assist RSOs in regard to University trademark questions and issues. SAO advisers can also provide on-campus promotional ideas for RSOs to maximize exposure on campus and help develop plans to enhance faculty, staff and student involvement in RSO activities.



Trademarks & Licensing
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