HUB Bulletin Boards

HUB Bulletin Boards

HUB Bulletin Boards

The HUB has 11 bulletin boards available throughout the HUB. The HUB Bulletin Boards are intended to promote only campus events, activities, and announcements. Postings for off-campus events, services, sales, housing rentals, employment, etc., will not be approved for posting on the HUB Bulletin Boards and will be promptly removed if found.

Posting Requirements

  • The event or activity must take place on campus
  • Date Stamp: All postings must be reviewed and date stamped by staff at the HUB Main Desk prior to posting
  • Maximum Time: Posters will be date-stamped for up to 2 weeks
  • Delivery: Posters/Flyers must be brought in person. The HUB will not post items mailed to the HUB.
  • Host/Sponsor: The event or activity must be hosted by a UW Department or Student Organization and clearly show Event Date, Host Name, Email/Website/Phone Number
  • Limit: Only 1 poster/flyer per bulletin board
  • Method: Posters/Flyers must be attached using pushpins only. No staples, straight pins, or tape.
  • Size Limit: Posters cannot be larger than 11″x17″
  • Housing Ads: Off-campus housing advertisements were formally hosted by ASUW OCHA. For information about the dissolution of OCHA, please contact the ASUW Vice-President at HUB Bulletin Boards may not be used for off-campus housing ads.
  • Employment Ads: Off-campus employment notices are referred to HuskyJobs and the UW Career Center. HUB Bulletin Boards may not be used for off-campus employment ads.

The HUB reserves the right to remove any poster or flyer from the HUB Bulletin Boards for failure to meet these guidelines or which are missing a HUB date stamp.

HUB Bulletin Board Locations

Third Floor: 1 board
1 at north elevator in the Main Lounge (large)
Second Floor: 2 boards
1 at north elevator in the Mural (Main) Lounge (large)
1 at south elevator near HUB 238 (small)
First Floor: 2 boards
1 at north entrance near ASUW Bike Shop (small)
1 at south elevator behind south fireplace (small)
1 near HUB 141 Commuter Commons

Ground Floor: 3 boards
1 at southwest entrance by curved staircase (large)
1 behind the curved staircase near SW dining (small)
1 at north elevator near Subway (large)
Sub-Basement Floor: 2 boards
1 at south elevator (large)
1 at RSO office corridor (large)