HUB Locker Rentals

The HUB provides a number of lockers in the HUB Basement (near HUB Games) that are available to rent by students and staff. Rental may be arranged at the HUB Info Desk. Lockers come in two varieties – short and tall and are available for rent each quarter. Rentals can be made at the HUB Main Desk on the first floor.

Locker Rental Rates

Short Locker Rates: $10 for 1 quarter | $17 for 2 quarters | $24 for 3 quarters
Tall Locker Rates: $20 for 1 quarter | $37 for 2 quarters | $54 for 3 quarters.

HUB Lockers

HUB Lockers

Locker Rental Start Dates

Fall Quarter 2015
Tue, Sep 8, 2015

Winter Quarter 2016
Mon, Dec 7, 2015

Spring Quarter 2016
Mon, Mar 7, 2016

Summer Quarter 2016
Tue, May 31, 2016

Locker Rental FAQs

Locker Dimensions

Short Lockers: Approximately 23 inches tall, 10 inches wide, 18 inches deep.
Tall Lockers: Approximately 35 inches tall, 10 inches wide, 18 inches deep.

Pro-Rated Fees

There are no pro-rated fees. Although, discounts apply if lockers are rented for longer than one quarter at a time.


Renters must provide their own lock – AND – they must have it at the time they sign the rental agreement. At sign-up, a HUB Info Desk staff member will accompany the renter to their assigned locker, remove the HUB Lock and allowing the renter to install their own lock.


Perishable, combustible, or illegal substances, and guns/ammunition are expressly prohibited from being stored in the HUB Lockers.

Damage to Locker

The renter is responsible for costs associated to repair or replacement of the locker due to damage caused by the renter or the renter’s contents of the locker.

End of Rental Period

The HUB will remove any items left in lockers after the final rental date and store them in the HUB Lost & Found for 30 days. Items not claimed by the end of 30 days will be disposed of. Locks will be forcibly removed in order to access the locker.


Because the HUB lockers are the property of the the HUB and not the renter, the HUB retains the right to inspect the contents of the locker with prior notification to the renter.


We recommend that you contact the HUB Info Desk and UW Police Department immediately to report any incident of theft to locker items. The HUB and University of Washington, however, do not accept any liability for articles lost or stolen from lockers.