Event Setup & Ticket Printing Fees: Payment is required at point of request or with HUB reservation payment.
Ticket Sales Surcharge $2/$3: Surcharge is based on ticket price and is paid by the ticket buyer.

  • Tickets priced < $19.99 = $2 surcharge.
    Tickets priced $20+ = $3 surcharge.
  • Ticket surcharge applies to both online and in-person sales
Pre-printed Ticket Stock: Ticket Sales involving non-HUB ticket stock sold by the HUB Ticket Office incurs an Event Setup Fee and Ticket Sales Surcharge.
Day-Of Sales = Door Sales Day-of tickets will be sold during normal operating hours.
VIP & Guest Lists Must be handled by the sponsoring organization
Rush Fee: Additional $25 will be assessed if request is submitted with less than 5 business days from the event date or date to begin selling tickets.
Incidental Charges: Any printing or incidental charges incurred during a ticket sales period will be deducted from Ticket Revenue.
Event Planning Meeting: HUB Ticket Office may require an EPM to determine additional event and ticket sales details.
Ticket Revenue Proceeds: Ticket revenue may take up to 4-6 weeks to be processed following an event.
Revenue checks: Will be made out to the requesting organization or proceeds can be deposited to a UW budget number.
RSO Ticket Revenue Will be made out to the RSO and sent to the mailing address on file with SAO.

Event Setup Fees

Client Type Event Setup Fee Ticket Printing Fee/ticket
UW Student/RSO/Govt $20 $0.10
UW Dept $45 $0.20
Off-Campus $75 $0.50

Ticket Sales & Fees Scenarios

Scenario 1 - HUB Ticket Sales Only
Scenario 2 - HUB Ticket Printing Only
Scenario 3 - HUB Ticket Sales AND HUB Ticket Printing
Scenario 4 - HUB Ticket Sales with Pre-printed ticket stock