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The What's Up? Teen Health Fact Sheets
These fact sheets, developed by the Child and Adolescent Health Section of the Washington State Department of Health, contain information for adults who care about teens. The series of 16 fact sheets can be downloaded or ordered for free.

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Huge database of advertisements dating back to the 1940s. Advertisements can be printed. Large selection of current and early tobacco advertisements.

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
A.S.H. is the nation's oldest and largest antismoking organization. This informative Web site provides tobacco-related information for people concerned about smoking and nonsmokers' rights, smoking statistics, quitting smoking, and smoking risks.

Blowing Smoke
Targeted to youth ages 11 to 16, the Blowing Smoke program aims to discourage tobacco use in films.

Center for Media Literacy
The Center for Media Literacy provides books, videos, curricula, and other materials necessary for teaching media literacy and learning about the media and its impact on our lives. Has a large selection of tobacco-related resources.

A very humorous and entertaining collection of vintage print cigarette advertisements from the 1940s and 1950s. Advertisements can be printed.

Commercial Alert
Commercial Alert highlights research and articles that expose the excesses of commercialism, advertising, and marketing, focusing particularly on kids and teens. Has a section devoted to the controversial marketing of Philip Morris book covers.

Dr. Jean Kilbourne: Media Researcher and Lecturer
Dr. Kilbourne explores the relationship of media images to societal problems, such as violence, the sexual abuse of children, rape and sexual harassment, pornography and censorship, teenage pregnancy, addiction, and eating disorders. She also educates her audiences about the primary purpose of the mass media, which is to deliver audiences to advertisers.

Jeffrey Wigand Ph.D. - The Insider
The 1999 film, The Insider, documents Dr. Jeffrey Wigand's experiences as a former tobacco company researcher who made headlines after he exposed the corruption of his former employer. This site offers audio and video clips of Dr. Wigand's interviews and gives information regarding his new profession, educating kids about the dangers of tobacco.

Joe Chemo
A fun, yet informative Web site featuring everyone's favorite tobacco prevention character, Joe Chemo. At this Web site you will can get statistics about the Joe Camel advertising campaign, take an online survey to test your tobacco IQ, and send a Joe Chemo E-Card to your friends and family.

Media Awareness Network
Based in Canada, the Media Awareness Network provides support and materials for teaching media literacy in the home, school, or community. This comprehensive Web site offers information and media usage statistics relevant to all forms of media, including television, computers, the Internet, and film. An excellent resource for anyone interested in media education.

Modern TV
This interesting Web site contains a Quicktime movie of a vintage Flintstones episode of Fred and Barney smoking Winston cigarettes.

Media Literacy On-Line Project
This is comprehensive site contains articles, lesson plans, and links about media literacy.

National Center For Tobacco Free Kids
This non-government-based initiative has a section dedicated to tobacco marketing and kids. It also contains links and information about all the current issues in the fight against tobacco. Don’t forget to order their free Kick Butts Day activity guide as it is full of tobacco activism ideas for kids.

New Mexico Media Literacy Project (NMMLP)
This grassroots, non-profit organization has been recognized nationally for its work in media literacy. The site contains a list of available resources, including two CD-ROMs and curriculum materials, as well as deconstruction examples and other free information.

Outrage Avenue
Take a ride and explore the Washington State Department of Health's youth tobacco prevention Web site. While there, watch Unfiltered, the Web-based reality show,that brings together five tobacco-using teens from across Washington state for an adventure filled weekend in Seattle. The catch? They have to kick their tobacco habits cold turkey.

Smokefree Movies
Finally, a list that reveals movies that are smoke-free. Web site is available in both French and English.

Stay Free Magazine
Stay Free! is a Brooklyn-based magazine that explores the politics and perversions of mass media and American culture. They also run a blog, curate the Illegal Art Exhibit, and offer a media literacy curriculum (for high school and college teachers).

Information and advice about health, relationships, and growing up.

The Simpsons Smoking Archive
An up-to-date listing of The Simpsons episodes that contained smoking or smoking references.

Tobacco Week
Your source for tobacco control news and information. Find out what is going on in the world of tobacco at this informative site. The Web site has endless resources, including upcoming conferences and RFPs, message boards, statistics, and informative information about state tobacco prevention programs.

Tobacco BBS is a free resource center focusing on tobacco and smoking issues, including issues concerning youth. The site features comprehensive tobacco news, information, and alerts on tobacco control issues.

Truth Campaign
This campaign, started in Florida and funded by the American Legacy Foundation, seeks to reduce teen smoking through powerful advertisements and youth involvement. Designed to be appealing to youth, it contains information about tobacco companies and ways that students can take action.

TV Party: Video Vault
A look at the history of cigarette advertising and product placement on television. Includes video clips.

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Reversing Addiction in Our Compulsive Culture CD-ROM
The second CD-ROM published by the New Mexico Media Literacy Project contains five field-tested prevention presentations. The media examples for these presentations are in order and printable talking points are included, including those related to tobacco.

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Making a Killing: Philip Morris, Kraft and Global Tobacco Addiction
(Corporate Accountability International)

This informative documentary provides an international perspective revealing how tobacco giant Philip Morris has conspired to hook children on tobacco and keep governments from protecting public health.

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Published by the Media Foundation, this magazine examines the impact of media on society. Their anti-ads and uncommercials have become famous. Some of their work has been incorporated into the Teens, Tobacco & Media project.

Tobacco Control Journal
An excellent journal covering tobacco-related issues on an international and national perspective. Free back issues of the journal are available online in PDF format.

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