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TMMBA b i e s

Wei Huang  Class of 2012

As I was headed out to the MBA Forum at UW this spring, I checked my voice mail.  I heard our midwife telling us to take my wife to the hospital because she had a case of preeclampsia, which is a pregnancy disorder that affects the mother and unborn baby.  Our baby was full term at 38 weeks. On April 5, 2011at 10:59 PM PT, our first baby Hana was born. It was amazing to see the little one who was kicking my wife all those weeks.

Since the TMMBA program started, nine babies have been born to date (still working on getting the pictures of the others).   Many of the fathers are new and some of the fathers are already experienced.  The first 3 months were the hardest and I advise anyone entering the program to get a lending hand while adjusting to their new lives.   I was fortunate to have my father-in-law and mother-in-law help out.   I also had a great team (C5) to pick up the slack for me.  I’m not sure how my classmates who have multiple kids do it but they an amazing group of people.  Can you imagine going to school and work full-time with children?  I’m envious of how my classmates with multiple kids survive school and work.  But in case you have kids and you are interested in the TMMBA program, having a baby or having kids in the program can be done!

Here’s the unofficial TMMBAby stats.

1 baby – January

2 babies – March

3 babies – April

1 baby – May

2 babies – September

1 girl (Hana), and 5 boys.

My little Hana!
Proud father to Xiaoyuan
Proud father to Chongguan
Proud father to Adarsh
Proud father to Jason
Proud father to Amador

Bye Bye Summer and Hello Fall Quarter

Wei Huang TMMBA Class 11

Summer quarter ended on August 28, 2011 when our Macro Economics and Marketing exams were due. Now, there is a nice break before fall quarter, which starts on September 22 to 24 for the Monday section and September 29 to October 1.

Fall quarter 2011 will have a new twist. Every student will have new teams. There was an option for students in the Monday section to move over to the Wednesday section and vice-versa. A total of 6 students from each section swapped sections so a total of 12 students from both sections. Come to think of it, this sounds like reality TV show. We are all going to have all new study mates and some will have all new sections.

I am one of those students who will be switching sections. Originally, I was in the Wednesday section and I will be moving to the Monday section.  It will be interesting to see Monday class’s culture and inside jokes.  Honestly, I’m a bit reserved because I have been so comfortable with the Wednesday class.  It’s going to feel like going back to school again.  At the same time, I’m going to meet new people.  I know most of the Monday class students but not all of them.  Someone once said ‘Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”  I take this quote to heart in these situations.

September 22, we start the Fall quarter with the Leadership Immersion on enhancing our leadership skills.  This is a 3 hours on Thursday and 8 hrs each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We had something similar when we started.  It was great to work with my current team (C5).  As I type, I just forgot I need to turn in homework today.  It’s a set of questions that will determine what my leadership style is.  Ok, got go…

Professor Ali Tarhouni’s Last lecture- 2/26

Wei Huang, TMMBA Class 11

On Feb 26, 2011, Professor Ali Tarhouni taught the first of his two final Microeconomics classes.  The Wednesday section was the first class during the morning.  Prof. Ali started off stating the topics for the lectures: Monopoly, competitive markets and showing that competitive markets are the way to go instead of monopoly and the expression of monopoly power and price discrimination.

As any typical Prof. Ali lecture, he asks for microeconomics news.   He warned he was losing his voice.  A fellow student mentioned baseball salary was evaluated using marginal analysis, which Prof. Ali stated when he hears “marginal” his heart beats.  Moments later, he jokingly states everyone wants to talk about Libya.  He stated he spent a good part of his life trying to bring democracy to Libya and was sentenced to death from the Libya government and the FBI told him he was on a hit list in 1980-81.  He later states that it was great seeing the new movement striving for democracy and freedom.  He describes the current Libya government as being ruled by thugs for centuries whether it was by fear or by a King and the country was suppress and blundered and never reaching the country’s potential.  He describes Gadaffi as a ‘killer clown’ who doesn’t want to go peacefully and wants to take as many people down as he can.   He stated he was going back to Libya due to family.    Joy and sadness were described about the situation in Libya.  He stated never anticipated the people trying to overthrow the Libya government.  Later he states he was usually on TV and was asked about the which country was going to be overthrown by the people and he said Egypt was the only country not going to be overthrown.  Later he admits that he is not good a predicting major events.  During the first four days of the movement, Prof Ali assisted in sending the pictures to media.  He goes on answering why the movement has started and describes Gadaffi as a thug, dictator for 42 years and destroying the infrastructure and not providing any political expression to the country.  He goes on saying that there is not government budget and the oil money all goes the Gadaffi and his kids.

Prof Ali’s classes were always entertaining.  He had a love for frozen pizza as he used it in many of his examples.  He blended his experience to class material so students could better understand the material.  During the lectures, he would always seem to make the class laugh.  It was never a dull moment.  Hearing the news he would go back to Libya was shocking especially know he was on Gadaffi’s hit list.  I thought he was going back to visit family.  It was surprising to hear he was going back for bigger things as he was later become the transitional government’s finance minister.  It was an honor to being the last class Prof Ali would teach and it’s an amazing story I can tell my children that my professor at UW TMMBA program became the Finance minister of Libya.  Now I regret not getting his autograph.

Here’s to wishing Prof Ali the best in bring democracy to Libya.

Good luck Prof Ali!!

– Wei



Going back to school is FUN!

Wei Huang, TMMBA Student (Class of 2012)

I never thought I being saying this but going back to school is fun.  Even when I come from work all tried and frustrated, I get re-energized when I come to class on Wednesdays.  I see my fellow students who are either studying up for the class ahead or just chatting away with each other.  And very often, I meet someone new and just chat away before dinner.

It is so nice to have dinner waiting for you.  I remember as an undergrad, I hate going hungry and I would always make a quick trip to buy food.  Here in the TMMBA program, food is just steps away.  We’ve had Chinese, Indian, Italian and American food.  All the food is served with veggies, fruit, and desert.  As you might already know, TMMBA has unlimited soda and ice cream.  If you are like me who works for company that provides free soda, you probably know how comforting it is to have that benefit.  Now just add the unlimited ice cream to that equation and it’s all that much better.  The ice creams and sodas are not just their to quench your thirst and appetite, it’s a great way to socialize.

When people ask me how I am doing in the TMMBA program, I get excited and tell them about the new things I learn.  The instructors and Teaching Assistants are great.  Although I’m not the best learner in the world, I always take something away from class that I can apply to real-world situations.

Another great aspect about the TMMBA program is the speakers who are brought in.  Most current was Kurt Shintaffer, who is the CFO from Appito.  It was great to hear how he got started in his company and it was even better to ask him questions.  I don’t know how often anybody gets to talk to someone in his position let alone ask questions openly.  It was a great experience.

We also had former students speak to us about their experience.  During our orientation, we had a speaker who was a student in 2005 speak about his experience at TMMBA.  What I got out of it was how he leveraged his MBA potentials in interviews to get to where he is at now.

So far the TMMBA program is a blast and I look forward to the many classes ahead.

How to avoid buying new pants…

Wei Huang, TMMBA (Class of 2012)

Before I start, I like to give a shout out to the TMMBA staff.

They brought an awesome TMMBA alumni as a guest speaker,  arranged a wonderful etiquette dinner, and created a nice warm and cozy environment when we were UW Seattle campus.

Kudos to the TMMBA staff for all their hard work during the orientation!

Class 11 has officially started!  The classes for the orientation included: Professional Communications, Ethical Leadership, Building Effective Teams, and an etiquette diner.

  • Professional Communications – Work on presentation skills and feedback along with individual professional help for the elevator speech!  How cool is that?
  • Ethical Leadership – Learned about applying ethic theory to assist in decision-making and to persuade…and more!
  • Building Effective Teams – Learned a lot about working in teams, and problems in decision-making …and more!
  • Etiquette dinner – Learn how to network during dinner and all the etiquette stuff involved with silverware placement…and more!

Overall Professor Reynolds for the Ethics class and Professor Bigley for the Building Effective Teams class were awesome!  I learned a bunch with both instructors!

Now back to avoiding buying new pants.

Most students are full-time employees and now full-time MBA students.

My prediction is being FT employees + FT students = Bigger waist.  Working out is hard with a FT job and now add in being a student!

Let me introduce to you the Tabata workout.  Believe it or not, this workout is only 4-5 minutes.  The Tabata workout is performing an exercise for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds for a good 8 sets.  The 20 seconds should be full 100% effort.  Its actually a version of High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.   It’s known for burning fat!

I did push-ups the other day using the Tabata method and after the third set, the lactic acid starts to build.   I was able to complete the 8 sets but it was challenging.  Another workout is doing body weight squats using the Tabata method.  I did the workout last Friday and today is Sunday and my thighs are still sore.  Keep in mind these were body weight squats.  Of course add in a good warm up and stretch as always!

To get started, I recommend doing 8 sets for 20 seconds with 30 seconds rest.  See how that goes and when you feel stronger, try cutting the rest time to 20 seconds, and after that gets easier, cut it down to 10 seconds rest.  Try it with push-ups, or body weight squats or both and remember to go 100% effort.  Yes, as you do more sets, the maximum effort will feel harder so don’t get discouraged.  The last set is hard, its just how the body works.  If you’re up for the challenge, you can do sprints using the Tabata method.

Remember Tabata workout is only 4-5 minutes.  Once you get stronger, try adding more and different exercises to your routine.

Here’s a Tabata timer:

Here’s info on Tabata if you want to read more about it:

Good luck!!!

GMAT from my perspective….

Wei Huang, TMMBA Student (Class of 2012)

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to provide some GMAT information.  I’ll also include some of my experiences and favorite resources along the way.


Test Structure and Overview

This link provides all the information about the exams.  Also, all the GMAT prep books include the exam details. 

Registration & Location (Puget Sound):

Website: – Need to create a login and password.

Cost: $250

Remember to register early to guarantee a spot.  These testing locations also test other exams.

There are 2 sites available in the Puget Sound region:  Renton & North Seattle.


1300 SW 7th St # 113

Renton, WA 98057-5225

(425) 277-6690


10700 Meridian Ave N

Suite 407 (between 107th St & Northgate Way)

Seattle, WA 98133

Neighborhood: Haller Lake

(206) 417-9986

For Military personnel:

Department of Defense (DOD) – Never knew what the DOD stand for when I was registering.

  • NTC Pierce College McChord AFB – DoD only, McChord AFB, WA, United States
  • EDU CTR 0001 Fort Lewis – DoD only, Fort Lewis, WA, United States

Day of the Exam info:

  • You are provided multiple yellow laminated sheets with an erasable sharpie-like pen that is used instead of paper and pencil.   So keep that in mind when practicing.

Here’s a good description of the ‘scratch paper':

  • A key and locker are issued to you to put your personal belongings in.
  • Your finger is scanned so when you return to your testing station, your finger is always scanned.

After sitting down, there are a series of questions about what B-schools you want to apply to.  Unfortunately, you have to answer the questions before moving on to the writing assessment portion.  I always thought the actual exam would be just like the practice exams – start writing away on the first writing assessment and moving on to the other sections.  The 5 or 10 minutes or so it takes to complete the questions, in my opinion, slows the momentum down when taking the exam.  You feel all pumped and ready with all the formulas, idioms memorized and then you have to pause to answer the questions.  Adds an additional nervousness

  • Anytime you return to your computer, the proctor escorts you to your seat and logs you in.
  • End of exam – you have the option to submit or not submit the exam.
  • Exam results are printed on the spot but it’s not the official paper work.

Favorite GMAT website:

I believe everything you want to know about the GMAT and the MBA application process is all here.  The forum is amazing.  You can get answers to about any of the questions in the GMAT books.  A lot of the forum moderators are instructors from Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT (MGMAT) and from other GMAt prep schools.  I remember in a post that one of the MGMAT instructors actually took the GMAT to test the theory of not finishing the exam.  It’s not good to not answer all the questions.  Also, GMAT consulting companies are also on the forums answering questions.

  • Admission essay tips – A lot of advice!
  • BEATTHEGMAT flashcards – great to have so you can memorize those idioms, formulas or tips.
  • Scholarships are also available from
  • Recommended GMAT books that are a must-have.  It’s all in this site and I really recommend future applicants to visit this site.

GMAT Prep classes:

Manhattan GMAT – I love the MGMAT Prep.  My instructor was excellent in explaining solutions.  On difficult questions, he would have 3 ways in solving the questions.  Also, there is online material that you can review.  The online material is a recording of a previous class and the material is the same material you go over in class but with a different instructor.

Also, included in the prep class is a Microsoft Spreadsheets that keeps track of all your MGMAT, and all of the Official GMAT books (aka ETS).  Wrong answers are highlighted in red until you get the answer correct.  I enjoyed correcting my mistakes until I got it right instead of looking at the answer right away.  There are also stats and graphs you can look at to see where you need to improve.  Also, included in the prep class is the yellow laminated sheet, pen and a stop watch.  There is also admission guide that is included, which is a very helpful guide that includes admission tips/advice/samples.

The class cost me a good $2000.

Hope you enjoyed the info and find these tips useful.

Good luck!