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Information for who receive Scholarship

Nhi-Huong Huynh, Fiscal Specialist

Some students will get scholarship either from government or sponsor and don’t know what steps to finalize their tuition coverage. Here are some information for those of you who receiving scholarship.

Receiving Scholarship from Government:

You must turn in a government agency purchase order, field order, contract, or sponsorship letter to Student Fiscal Services at the beginning of each quarter. Once this is received, your account will be credited and SFS will bill your sponsor.It will be your responsibility to pay the charges on your account if we do not receive payment from the government.

Receiving Scholarship from Sponsor:

You must be registered for classes for the current quarter before any funds can be released to your account. If you are not registered for the current quarter, the funds may be applied to a future quarter. You might need the breakdown cost and some other information that the sponsor might required you to submit.

If your sponsor is paying by check, the check must be made payable to the University of Washington. The check must be drawn on a U.S. Bank and payable in U.S. dollars.

If the sponsor requires that the check be made payable to both you and the University of Washington, the sponsor should mail the check directly to you for endorsement. After endorsing the check, mail or bring the check to the Student Fiscal Services Office.

Scholarship checks should be mailed to:

University of Washington – Scholarships
PO Box 24967
Seattle, WA 98124-1967

Please have the sponsor include the following information with the check:

  • Student name
  • UW student number or social security number
  • Quarter or academic year that the payment covers
  • Sponsor’s full address, including fax and email address if available

If you have further questions about the scholarship, please contact the scholarship service department by


Phone: 206-543-4694

Fax: 206-616-2678 or 206-685-2942

Welcome class 10 to the TMMBA Program

Nhi-Huong Huynh, Fiscal Specialist

It was great to see you all at the TMMBA Class 10 Welcome Reception. I can tell that many of you enjoyed the event and are excited to begin the 18 months journey. Your orientation class will be in the first week of December. It’s coming soon, so you can start working on the homework.
For your winter tuition breakdown, I will post in blackboard in the first week of December. For Boeing students, LTP already paid for your Autumn Quarter tuition. Your $1500.00 deposit will be refunded to you approximately in 3-4 weeks. If you do not see the refund by the end of December, please call me at 206-221-6995 or email at

Again, welcome all to the TMMBA Program.

Different Tuition Fees for TMMBA Waitlisted and Nonwaitlisted Students

Nhi-Huong Huynh, Fiscal Specialist

I just posted the AUT Quarter tuition breakdown on Blackboard a couple weeks ago, and I received many emails and calls from students asking the same questions about the difference between Nonwaitlisted vs.Waitlisted and why there are different costs. I thought I might want to answer this question here to share with other current students or newly admitted students.
Nonwaitlisted refers to students who are admitted into the class for the current year; they will pay the tuition fee of the current class. Waitlisted is for students who were on the waitlist from last year; they will pay the tuition fee of last year, which costs less.
For example: For next year’s class (entering in 2011), if you are admitted this year (2010) to TMMBA and would like to defer to next year (2011), you will enter as a Waitlisted student and might have less tuition fee compared to other students who are admitted in 2011. Hope it makes sense to you.

Information for Applying for Financial Aid

Nhi-Huong, TMMBA Fiscal Specialist


I received some emails asking about the following financial questions:

1. I need to apply for student loans to cover  my tuition for the  TMMBA program. Can you provide me some information on how to get started with the application process?

2. What I need to do after I submitted the FAFSA?

3. Who is eligible to apply the financial aid?

4. Do I need to fill out the  Summer Quarter Application?

5. I would like to know about my application status. Who should I contact?

6. What I need to do for complete my application?

7. Why I am not qualified for Financial Aid?

So here are the information that I gather from the Financial Aid website. Hope you find it helpful for getting the Financial Aid.

Good luck,


  1. A. Who is Eligible to Apply:

Most University of Washington Technology Management MBA students qualify to borrow up to $20,500 per year through the Federal Stafford Direct Loan Program. To apply, you must be a permanent U.S. resident, must not be in default on a prior federal student loan, and must have registered for the draft if required by law to do so. Otherwise, this program is not based on need, income, or credit. Depending on credit worthiness, TMMBA students may also qualify to borrow up to the full amount of tuition through the private MBA Tuition Loan Program. Foreign residents may apply for this loan with a U.S. citizen co-signer.

  1. B. How to Apply:

To apply for a Federal Stafford Direct Loan, fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on line at  If you are offered admission to the Technology Management MBA Program and your FAFSA is approved, the University of Washington will send you a financial aid eligibility letter and a promissory note asking how much of the annual maximum you wish to borrow. You will need the University of Washington’s federal financial aid code for the FAFSA: 003798.

For information on private loans and/or credit programs for students, please visit

For check your application status or complete information, contact the UW Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA).

Office of Student Financial Aid
University of Washington
Box 355880, Seattle, WA 98195-5880
Phone: (206) 543-6101


  1. C. What to Expect After Submitting Your FAFSA:

After we receive your application for aid and you are admitted to the University of Washington, we send you an award letter if you are eligible, detailing the types and amount of aid for which you qualify. We start awarding in the spring before the next academic year begins. Please follow the checklist below to ensure that your aid will be ready for you when you start the school year.

You may receive a “Notice of Preliminary Award” which is an estimate of your eligibility for aid. If you accept this initial award, we will then complete the review of information you provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you receive a “Notice of Award,” then your application has been reviewed and your eligibility confirmed. However, you must return the letter by the date indicated or accept your award online at MyUW, to reserve your aid. Please follow the instructions below to keep the process going:


  1. Check for errors in address, Social Security Number, or other information about you.

Read the assumptions in Section II (state residency,* enrollment status, number of quarters you plan to attend this year). Cross out incorrect information and write the correction next to it or if online, indicate in the box provided. If you will attend only part of the year (e.g., Autumn and Winter quarters only), so indicate.

* If you are not a Washington resident but pay resident tuition because of a departmental appointment or Armed Services status, note the tuition benefit in the other resources section of the award letter.

  1. Accept or reject each form of aid listed.

You are under no obligation until aid is disbursed; you may accept an award now and change your mind later. But, if you reject an award, or if you don’t return your acceptance letter, we will offer it to another student and may not be able to restore it later if you decide you need it after all. *You may accept or reject aid from any fund without losing the other aid offered in your award letter. If you would like us to replace one kind of aid (e.g., Work Study) with another (e.g. a federal loan), then let us know that when you accept your award.

* Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans and Federal Direct GPLUS Loans can usually be reinstated.

  1. Determine how much you want to borrow.

You may be offered a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford/Ford Loan or a Federal Direct GPLUS Loan to help meet your financial need or if you are not eligible for need-based assistance. These loans do not include a federal subsidy, so interest begins to accrue after the loan proceeds have been disbursed to you, and repayment on the GPLUS loan begins 60 days after the last disbursement. These loans should be used as a last resort in financing your education and require additional responsibilities from you, the borrower. You may want to review Requesting Changes to Your Award to determine if your eligibility for need-based assistance should be revised before you borrow from these loan programs.

If you have been offered loans and you do not wish to borrow the full amount offered, you may indicate the reduced level to us. If you want to borrow more than we have offered, to replace your family contribution, please indicate the increased amount keeping in mind the annual loan maximums listed in the Student Loan Program Chart. To view additional information, please see Completing Paperwork for Loans.

  1. Make sure your award letter correctly reflects any benefits, scholarships, outside awards, and other resources you will receive or think you may receive, even if it comes from another UW office.

You must report now any information about your resources (and, if married, your spouse’s) that you have not already formally reported to our office. It is imperative that our office has current and complete information on your resources throughout the year; otherwise, you risk being over-awarded and having to repay aid.

  1. Understand your obligations as an aid recipient.

In particular, make sure you understand your obligations to:

    • Enroll full-time each quarter and attend all your classes (10 credits for graduate students and 12 credits for professional students) unless less than full-time attendance is specifically noted in your award letter.
    • Pass sufficient credits to maintain satisfactory academic progress. See Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • Repay all loans.
    • Report new sources of support and changes in personal circumstances (e.g., changing from non-resident to resident status, divorce, moving to parents’ home) as soon as you learn of them.
  1. Sign and return your paper award letter or e-sign your MyUW award before the reply date.

If you do not return it by this date, we will cancel your aid in order to offer it to another student. Keep the yellow copy for your own records. Mail the white copy back to us, or put it in the drop box outside 105 Schmitz Hall or accept your award in MyUW. Once you respond, we will continue processing your application, and you may receive revised award letters reflecting changes in your contribution and your award. Review these revisions on MyUW and sign and accept or reject any new aid that has been offered to you.

  1. Complete your file.

You must still respond to any requests we make for certification statements, tax returns, or any other documentation needed to finalize your award. Since we cannot disburse any funds until all required information is submitted and reviewed, please reply promptly to any correspondence from us

  1. Apply for Aid for Summer.

If you plan to attend Summer quarter, you will need to complete your FAFSA and a Summer Aid Application. You’ll need your UW NetID and password to apply online for summer quarter aid.

  1. Remember, you’ll need to re-apply next year for aid!


  1. D. Receiving your Aid

Clear all holds – If you have any holds on your student account, your aid will not disburse. If you have been asked to provide documents or information or have been told that the Financial Aid Office is reviewing your eligibility, follow up with them as soon as possible. You can tell what aid is available to you, what has been disbursed and whether or not there are any holds on your aid by using the Financial Aid Status Service in MyUW.

Aid Disbursement – Financial Aid is disbursed first to your University student account to pay your tuition, late charge, and other university fees. If the amount of your aid is greater than the charges  on your student account, the  difference will be sent to your bank account via direct deposit.

  1. E. Reasons for Disqualification
  1. Fail to submit required documentation
  2. Fail to achieve satisfactory academic progress (http:///
  3. Have a conviction for a drug-related offense


Summer Funancial Aid

Hani Rachidi, TMMBA Student

So only read this posting if you are not a trust fund baby, work for a company with full tuition reimbursement, or are so well off you should be in the Executive MBA program. This post is about why financial aid for summer tuition is so much fun.

Firstly, you must realize that the academic calendar is like a fiscal calendar it ends with the spring quarter, roughly June. So that means you have to apply for Summer quarter onwards for the 2009-10 academic year. Okay, I realized this the first week of June, great, that means I technically have about one month to get my financial aid information completed to meet the Summer Quarter tuition deadline of Friday, July 10th. Plenty of time, oh ya summer fun and travel and financial aid no worries. I even had a month off of work and barely made the cutoff, in fact I missed it but was saved by the secret Monday, July 13th actual deadline….here’s the drama and why I termed it funancial aid.

1) I go to and fill out all my information – 15mins to an hour depending on the amount of fabrication you want to submit. For me I don’t fabricate so it takes me longer to look up stuff about how much I cannot currently afford this $60K+ program

2) The UW funancial aid office receives my submitted fafsa form – felt like a week could have been less/more doesn’t matter when you call them you are on hold for at least 10 minutes every time if not 30 minutes so it feels like the experience is longer especially with the awkward moments of pause silence where you don’t know ifyou have lost cell phone coverage or somebody on the other line is playing a game on you or that you’ve listened to the background music so long that it numbs your sense of hearing so you hear nothing although there is something

3) UW informs me after I call them and proactively ask what’s up with aid that I need to prove that I’m a citizen and fill out a form and go visit the Social Security Administration – okay I like jumping hoops and wasting beautiful summer afternoons proving that I voted in the last few elections and that I am a citizen and oh wait you gave me financial aid the last two quarters, yes this is fun

4) Now after submitting the proof of citizenship I’m awarded aid another phone conversation with the UW Funancial Aid office confirms that yes I should be ready to go we are now around 1st week of July and my aid is awaiting my approval/acceptance of it

5) I accept the aid and it’s a couple of days before the cut off – so the story is over but wait i have to sign some electronic promissory note at some obscure website that is not posted in my UW funancial aid web page, so another converstaion with the UW funancial aid office i get a letter by letter read out of this 80 letter obscure website

6) I click through the website reading nothing because it takes 72 hours from the point of completing it to hit UW office of funancial aid, this takes about 20 minutes even with reading nothing and filling out a few pieces of personal info, there’s like 15 steps it feels like a weight loss program for typists my fingers were skinnier when i completed it my ring fell of my left ring finger it was weird, surreal, fun experience i felt like i became divorced from reality and married to the financial aid process in some weird literal, figurative way

7) Next I call the UW funancial aid office on deadline day July 10th, and ask did you get the money yet, this was after waiting 25 minutes on hold, the answer was no

8) It’s Monday, July 13th grace period day for tuition deadline, I call funancial aid UW and ask money present? the response was umm well you need to contact UW fiscal services on this issue we have seen a lot delays for aid funding not sure what’s wrong. So Fiscal Services pushes through the aid it was like sitting in some electronic funds gateway just like waiting for some manual intervention, no clue, stopped asking why is this happening to me and was just grateful at that point that I could incur tens of thousands of dollars of debt

Unfortunately this may be the story of people in debt all across our great country and why sometimes I feel like my older friends are right when they say save then spend. Then again, financial leverage, to a certain extent, is healthy just all the trouble to get there puts a bit of strain on your health.

I hope your experience is better than mine and that you are fortunate enough not to have had to read this blog, meaning don’t need financial aid.