TMMBA Week in the Life: Sarah McCaffrey, Day Three

Sarah McCaffrey, TMMBA Student, Class of 2014

Yesterday evening, my learning team and I had a Skype session to go over an upcoming group case write-up. We often prefer meeting in person for major team projects, especially while figuring out our first plan of attack; but Skype, Google hangouts, Facebook, and e-mail make our priorities much more flexible and manageable.

Incoming call.

Incoming call.

For example, we can put together some rough numbers and share the work on-screen during a group call.

So helpful. (Edited because this is an active assignment.)

So helpful. (Edited because this is an active assignment.)

We stayed online for about an hour, settled on an outline for the case write-up, and planned our next meeting. After hanging up, we were already in our own homes, free to keep working or shift focus as needed. Remote meetings are a little harder to navigate than face-to-face conversations, but they have their perks.

Today, I caught up on reading at the park near my house, one of my best habits for study-life balance. My kids appreciate it. Laptops and tablets were the inventions of the century — I think most of our TMMBA class would agree. I also had a Media Theory class with the University of Washington MCDM program. Some of my classmates give me a lot of credit for pursuing two degrees, but the momentum makes doubling up much easier than it sounds. Until last year, the military demanded most of my time. I appreciate how many hours I get to spend with my family now, though I do look forward to reading future “Weeks in the Life” from full-time working members of the cohort. I can’t imagine how they get it all done.

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