Tobacco Studies Program

HSERV 556: Tobacco-Related Health Disparities and Social Justice

Tobacco-related Health Disparities and Social Justice is an online 2-credit elective course offered during the Autumn, Spring, and Summer quarters. The course is cross-listed in the School of Medicine as FAMED 559. UW graduate students from all schools and departments are encouraged to enroll.

Originally created in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, and the UW School of Social Work, this online course integrates multi-disciplinary perspectives to address the pressing issue of disproportionate tobacco use and related diseases among marginalized populations.

National and local experts address topics such as:

  • Differential explanations for tobacco use and possible interventions in groups defined by socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation
  • The link between mental illness and smoking
  • Social stress theory and tobacco use
  • Acculturation processes and tobacco use
  • The genetics of tobacco use

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