Tobacco Studies Journal Club

Each Tobacco Studies Program Scholar leads a monthly journal club discussion on a tobacco-related topic of their choosing. Journal clubs are open to the public and we encourage you to attend.

Our next journal club will be held on April 15, 2015 from 10-11AM in South Campus Center Room 348. The discussant will be Elizabeth Medeiros, a first year MPH student (Health Services). The topic is New Research on Tobacco-Related Health Disparities.

Bandiera FC, Arguelles W, Gellman M, et al. Cigarette Smoking and Depressive Symptoms Among Hispanic/Latino Adults: Results From the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL). Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 2014. doi:10.1093/ntr/ntu209.

Lee JGL, Pan WK, Henriksen L, Goldstein AO, Ribisl KM. Is There a Relationship Between the Concentration of Same-Sex Couples and Tobacco Retailer Density? Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 2015. doi:10.1093/ntr/ntv046.

Below are articles from past journal clubs. Click on the article title to be directed to the article. Use the UW proxy bookmarklet to access full journal articles via UW Libraries.