Tobacco Studies Program

The Globalization of Tobacco: Challenges for the World Health Community

April 4, 2012

The Globalization of Tobacco: Challenges for the World Health Community

Thomas J. Glynn MA, MS, PhD

Tobacco & Public Health: Treatment, Prevention, Policy and Social Change (HSERV 558)

Thomas J. Glynn Thomas J. Glynn is the Director of International Programs at the American Cancer Society, where he advises on emerging research and policy issues in cancer prevention and control, recommends cancer prevention and control research and policy, and aids in the development of an international cancer control program aimed at promoting cancer prevention-related research, advocacy, treatment, and policy change, particularly in middle- and low-income nations. Dr. Glynn has been a leader in the field of tobacco control for over 30 years. Dr. Glynn has published widely on cancer and tobacco use prevention and control, both in the scientific literature and for consumer, professional, and patient education. He has also served as a Senior Scientific Reviewer for the U.S. Surgeon General’s Reports on Tobacco and Health.
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This lecture is also part of our Tobacco and Public Health (HSERV 558) course, where it is paired with the following readings:
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