Tobacco Studies Program

Tobacco Use Among Sexual and Gender Minorities

October 8, 2015

Tobacco Use Among Sexual and Gender Minorities

Amanda Fallin PhD, RN

Tobacco-related Health Disparities and Social Justice (HSERV 556)

Amanda FallinDr. Amanda Fallin is a tobacco control scientist with a focus on tobacco policy and disparate populations. In June 2014, she completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. While there she led projects related to tobacco use, policy and prevention for vulnerable populations: in tobacco growing states; and among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults, college students, and bar-going young adults. Fallin has led two multi-site capacity-building projects funded by California’s Tobacco Related Disease Research Program to evaluate smoke and tobacco-free college campus policies in California as an extension of her dissertation research. As a predoctoral student, she served as a community advisor on an NHLBI-funded project to promote smoke-free policies in rural Kentucky communities. Dr. Fallin earned her BSN, MSN and PhD from the University of Kentucky College of Nursing.

This lecture is also part of our Tobacco-related Health Disparities (HSERV 556) course, where it is paired with the following readings:

Blosnich, J., Lee, J. G. L., & Horn, K. (2013). A systematic review of the aetiology of tobacco disparities for sexual minorities. Tobacco Control, 22(2), 66-73.

Fallin, A., Goodin, A., Lee, Y. O., & Bennett, K. (2015). Smoking characteristics among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults. Preventive Medicine, 74, 123-130.