Tobacco Studies Program

How to Apply


Graduate students pursuing a master’s (first or second year) in any UW program are eligible to apply for either or both TSP scholarships. UW doctoral students may apply for the career development awards only.

Students who receive funding from other sources such as RAships or the federal government (excluding tobacco companies or their subsidiaries) are still eligible to apply, as are international students.

Tobacco Studies Scholars who are first-year students may re-apply in their second year if successful progress has been made in their program.

All program requirements must be completed in addition to the student’s regular course of study and other department or track requirements. Scholarship recipients will work closely with a faculty mentor from the UW School of Public Health.


The number and levels of awards granted to eligible students will be determined based on strength of the applications, financial need, and number of qualified applicants. Successful applicants will be determined by the UW Tobacco Studies Scholarship Committee. Awards will be distributed, in full, within a month of notification.


The application submission period for Tobacco Studies fellowship is now closed for the 2017-18 academic year. We are only accepting applications for the Career Development Award.

If you are interested in the Career Development Award, please visit this link for details on how to apply. Please email us at with any additional questions or to submit an application.