Tobacco Studies Program

Scholarship Opportunities


The purpose of the Tobacco Scholars Program is to support master’s and doctoral students at the University of Washington in their studies of tobacco and public health in order to develop the tobacco prevention, research, control and treatment workforce.

Tobacco Studies Career Development Award

Award: Maximum of $500 (up to five awarded per year)

Provides an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of the impact of tobacco on public health through coursework and seminars and supports other activities such as tobacco-related research projects and/or a presentation at a national tobacco control or public health meeting.

Award Requirements:

  • Intend to complete or have completed HSERV 558 or HSERV 556
  • Attend remaining journal club meetings during the year
  • Conduct a thesis, capstone or other tobacco related project

Application Overview

Students interested in the Career Development Award must submit: a) cover letter and b) student information form to

The cover letter must include the following information:

  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In less than 1 page, provide a brief summary of your methods and what you aim to achieve with your thesis, capstone or other project. The description should include:
      1. PROJECT RATIONALE: Why did you choose this project?
      2. PROJECT OUTCOME(S): Discuss what specific outcome(s) or deliverable(s) you aim to produce as a result of your project.
  • METHODS: How you will conduct the project and who is involved.
      1. PROJECT SITE: Identify the organization or agency that is supporting this project if relevant.
      2. DISSEMINATION PLANS: Describe how you will share the results and/or deliverables of your project. This may include developing a report, attending a conference, and/or overall strategies.
  • IRB STATUS: If project involves human subjects, confirm IRB approval or exemption.
  • DESCRIPTION OF FUNDS USAGE: Provide a brief description of how funds will be utilized for specific project activities. This may include travel expenses, conference registration, project supplies, etc.  
  • SIGNATURE OF FACULTY ADVISOR: After completing the above details, a faculty advisor must sign your letter to confirm your work on the proposed project and objectives.

After submitting your materials, that TSP Director will reach out to you to briefly discuss your project and ask any outstanding questions. Funding decisions will be made within two weeks.

Tobacco Studies Fellowship (full concentration)
$1,500 (up to five awarded per year)

Provides an opportunity for students to gain experience with a tobacco control agency or research project, pursue a tobacco-related topic in depth and gain a broader understanding of tobacco control through coursework and seminars.

Fellowship Requirements:
  • All requirements of the Tobacco Studies Career Development Award
  • Complete or have completed HSERV 556 for 2 credits
  • Complete or have completed a 120-hour tobacco-related practicum or internship (satisfies the MPH practicum requirement; assistance will be provided to identify a suitable opportunity)
  • Complete a masters thesis or capstone project on a tobacco-related topic

The application submission period for Tobacco Studies fellowship is now closed for 2017 academic year. We are one accepting applications for the Career Development Stipend.