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Rationale for Another Teaching Skills Manual
Structure of the Toolbox
A Brief Review of Relevant Educational Theory
Teaching Ethics in a Clinical Setting: Finding
  Teachable Moments

Preview of Toolbox Features Yet to Come

Core Teaching Skills
Overview of Skill-Based Teaching
Goal Setting
Giving Feedback
Using the Group
Addressing Emotion
Common Teaching Challenges
  (& Tips for Recovering from Them)

Unique Teaching Issues with Special Topics
DNR Orders
Medical Errors

Resources for Teaching
Annotated Bibliography
Domains for Small Group Teaching



This project was made possible in part through a grant from The Greenwall Foundation. The observations and experience with teaching comes most recently through our work with Oncotalk, a training program for Oncology Fellows funded by the National Cancer Institute.

I am indebted to the faculty of Oncotalk for teaching me the subtle, yet powerful skills that are necessary to teach well. These faculty, Bob Arnold, Tony Back, Walter Baile, and James Tulsky, have tremendous capacities as people as well as teachers, which makes them such a pleasure to work with. Their insights are infused throughout these teaching materials, but the limitations are my own.

I would also like to thank the other consultants, program managers, and research assistants that made this work possible, especially Frances Petracca, Rose Callahan, and Carla Calogero. Tom Gallagher, a Greenwall Faculty Scholar and clinician-teacher, graciously contributed the module on Error Disclosure. The manual and website designs are by UW Publication Services designers Karin Mellskog and Nigel Hensius.