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Rationale for Another Teaching Skills Manual
Structure of the Toolbox
A Brief Review of Relevant Educational Theory
Teaching Ethics in a Clinical Setting: Finding
  Teachable Moments

Preview of Toolbox Features Yet to Come

Core Teaching Skills
Overview of Skill-Based Teaching
Goal Setting
Giving Feedback
Using the Group
Addressing Emotion
Common Teaching Challenges
  (& Tips for Recovering from Them)

Unique Teaching Issues with Special Topics
DNR Orders
Medical Errors

Resources for Teaching
Annotated Bibliography
Domains for Small Group Teaching



Contact Information

Your comments and feedback are welcome. This is a work-in-progress and it will benefit from feedback. Please send any comments or requests to:

Kelly Fryer-Edwards, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medical History and Ethics
University of Washington School of Medicine
Box 357120
Seattle, WA 98195
Voice: 206.221.6622