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Washington State Transportation Center


Research Project Administration


TRAC projects funded by WSDOT are subject to guidelines determined by the state of Washington. Below are guidelies for the following research administration functions:

Budget and Payroll
Extension Requests
Progress Reports
WSDOT Master Agreement

Budget and Payroll

Contact: Jane Lybecker 206.543.6535, 206.543.8690

TRAC monitors all WSDOT budgets unless the contract agreement states otherwise.

Requests for budget extensions (with or without an increase in funds), supplements, and revisions must go through TRAC for WSDOT approval. The approval request must be signed by a university official.

If a researcher is in a UW department other than Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering, the TRAC budget coordinator will request electronic access to the project’s financial information (including payroll) to monitor it.

TRAC requires a copy of all payroll appointments if salaries will be charged to TRAC projects.

Copies of hourly time sheets for TRAC budgets must be sent to TRAC.

Tuition Payments may be charged to WSDOT projects.


Contact: Ron Porter 206.543.3341

Equipment purchases must be approved by WSDOT, either as a line item in the proposal budget or through a subsequent email to Ron Porter requesting approval.

Equipment acquired on a WSDOT project belongs to WSDOT. After the project closes, the equipment may be assigned to UW or nonUW research, contingent on approval from WSDOT via TRAC.

Extension Requests

Contact: Ron Porter 206.543.3341

The following is the procedure for requesting an extension for a WSDOT contract:

  1. The PI and the Research Manager discuss the modification(e-mail or verbally), and come to a consensus on the change.

  2. The PI sends the formal request in writing (e-mail is OK) to the Research Manager. This can be done at the same time as the step above, if there are no issues to be resolved. The PI must include a cc: to TRAC ( and the WSDOT Technical Monitor.

  3. The Research Manager approves the request for processing, and forwards it within the Research Office for processing.

  4. The Research Office verifies that the modification falls within the guidelines of the Master Agreement and that funding is available, etc.

  5. The Research Office prepares the Task Order modification (2 copies) and forwards them (by e-mail) to TRAC for approval and signature.

  6. TRAC prints two copies, has the TRAC Director and UW Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) sign them, and sends both to Office of Research & Library Services.

  7. The Research Director approves and signs both copies and returns one copy to TRAC.

At this point, the modification is complete and in place.

Progress Reports

Contact: Ron Porter 206.543.3341

WSDOT requires semi-annual Progress Reports (unless otherwise stated in the contract) that TRAC produces, relying on narrative from the UW principal investigator.

TRAC will notify each PI by email when progress reports are due and will provide a form for to complete with contract and accounting information already filled in.



Ron Porter 206.543.3341

Mary Marrah 206.543.3337

Travel Requests

WSDOT requires approval for all out-of-state travel before the travel occurs and in addition to the project contract, unless the trip is specifically stated in the contract with dates, destination and cost per trip.

Requests for approval for out-of-state travel must be made by email to Ron Porter at TRAC.

In the email request, state the destination, dates of travel, traveler's name, an explanation of how the travel supports the research and a list of travel expenses (including car fare, food, lodging, conference fees and miscellaneous travel expenses).

Out-of-state towns that border Washington (not including Canada), do not require WSDOT approval.

Travel Reimbursement

The Travel Expense Worksheet (pdf) may filled out either electronically or manually. When you are finished, print it, sign it, attach any receipts, and mail it to Mary Marrah at MS 354802 (206.543.3337).

WSDOT Master Contracts

TRAC's work is governed by two contracts: the WSDOT Master Agreement (pdf) and an Interagency Agreement (pdf).