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Washington State Transportation Center



Proposal Production


Proposal information, submittal, and production: Amy O’Brien

Proposal budget information: Ron Porter

Proposal tracking: Jane Lybecker

Information about TRAC, contracting agencies, RFPs and upcoming research possibilities: Mark Hallenbeck, Leni Oman


Proposal Documents:

The following proposal-related documents are available:

WSDOT Proposal Preparation Guide
This MS Word document provides WSDOT's proposal requirements, as well as a starting point for writing new proposals.

Proposal Budget Template
This Excel document will help you begin formulating your budget estimate.

Guide to Proposal Preparation Services
This PDF document outlines the TRAC proposal preparation process.

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Basic Proposal procedure:

The easiest way to produce a TRAC proposal is to talk to the TRAC staff for preparation, write the proposal, and then let the TRAC staff take the production work off your hands. We have extensive experience in proposal production and have implemented systems for producing them consistently and efficiently.


  1. The proposal coordinator accepts and tracks your proposal text, graphics, budget information and other necessary material.

  2. The budget analyst helps you create your budget or reviews your estimate to ensure that it meets the contracting agency, university, and TRAC’s requirements.

  3. A word processing technician may format your text to the contracting agency’s specifications

  4. An editor checks for compliance with the contracting agency’s requirements and edits for clarity, conciseness, grammar, and punctuation.

  5. Illustrators are available to draw additional figures and graphs for your proposal.

  6. The coordinator returns the proposal materials to you for revision and approval.

  7. TRAC prepares the signature pages and GC-1 for final proposals.

  8. TRAC makes the necessary copies and distributes the proposal around campus for signatures.

  9. Important for WSDOT proposals:

    WSDOT requires that TRAC review and process all university proposals to the DOT.

    WSDOT requires a draft proposal to review before it will sign off on a final proposal.

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