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Report Production

TRAC staff have many years of experience in producing reports for WSDOT and other agencies.

TRAC-UW projects that are funded by WSDOT are required to be submitted through TRAC. WSDOT also requires that TRAC reports be edited and formatted in consistent TRAC/WSDOT style, with professional looking graphics.

Below find information about

Helpful Documents
Report Production Process


Report production, submittal, and editing: Amy O’Brien 206.685.2644

Graphics: Mary Marrah 206.543.3337

Reproduction and tracking: Jane Lybecker 206.543.6535

Helpful Documents

The following report-related documents are available:

WSDOT Research Report Guidelines
These guidelines (pdf) discuss the desired report organization and other requirements for WSDOT reports.

Report Format Template
Use this MS Word template to begin new research reports. Contact Ron Porter for questions about the template or more information about using styles that promote consistent report-writing formats.

WSDOT Research Notes
For every research project, WSDOT requires a two- to four-page summary intended to disseminte research results to a broad audience. This pdf document outlines the required organization and submittal process for Research Notes.

TRAC Report Guidelines for PIs and Project Managers (pdf)
These are guidelines for the report production process specific to TRAC.

TRAC Report and Thesis Guidelines for Graduate Students (pdf)
These are TRAC report production guidelines specifically for graudate students, who often coordinate production of a contracted report with production of their graduate thesis.

Report Production Process

All WSDOT projects require a 35-page Research Report (draft for review and final). Many projects also require a larger Technical Report.

The procedure for producing reports for WSDOT (as well as for most other agencies) is as follows:

1. Submit an electronic draft report to the TRAC editor.

2. Work with TRAC’s graphic crew as necessary.

3. The editor reviews the report for compliance with the contracting agency’s requirements and edits for clarity, conciseness, grammar, and punctuation.

4. The author reviews, changes, and approves the edits.

5. TRAC formats the report in the appropriate style and seeks final approval from the author.

6. A draft is electronically submitted to WSDOT under TRAC cover letter. Copies are distributed as appropriate.

7. WSDOT contacts the author with comments.

8. The author submits the comments (if minimal) or a changed draft to TRAC for final production.

9. TRAC obtains final approval from the author, then submits the final report to WSDOT under TRAC cover. Copies are distributed as appropriate.