The TransYouth Project aims to help sci­en­tists, edu­ca­tors, par­ents, and chil­dren bet­ter under­stand the vari­eties of human gen­der devel­op­ment. Based out of the Social Cognitive Development Lab at the University of Washington, we are cur­rently leading the first large-scale, national, lon­gi­tu­di­nal study of devel­op­ment  in gen­der non­con­form­ing, trans­gen­der, and gen­der diverse youth . In addition to our primary goal of supporting the first major study of transgender children in the U.S.

Our current research study is recruiting children aged 3–12 who are transgender, gen­der non­con­form­ing, sib­lings of gen­der non­con­form­ing chil­dren, as well as con­trol par­tic­i­pants (those who are gen­der con­form­ing). We are recruit­ing fam­i­lies from across the coun­try for this lon­gi­tu­di­nal study. For more spe­cific infor­ma­tion about the project, please con­tact Dr. Kristina Olson at, the prin­ci­pal inves­ti­ga­tor, or sign up online via the Par­tic­i­pate tab above. All sign-ups and con­tact information are treated confidentially.

In the near future we hope to begin projects aimed at teenagers so if you are inter­ested in hear­ing about that work, please sign up as well as we’ll con­tact you once those stud­ies are up and running!