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Biocomputing Links from the Traxler Lab

General Info

Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools - Part 1

Bacteriology Home Page 1.0

Molecular Biology Protocols with the world famous "Oligonucleotide Calculator"

Online Journals

New Scientist Magazine a cross between Omni and Nature

Welcome to Science Online

Journal of Biological Chemistry


Genbank Database Query Form

PDB WWW Home Page

VectorDB - Molecular Biology Vector Sequence Database

SWISS-PROT search by DE or ID

GenBank Database Document Reader

VectorDB - Molecular Biology Vector Sequence Database


Sequence Alignments and Structure Predictions

BCM Search Launcher: Multiple Sequence Alignments

BCM Search Launcher: General Protein Sequence/Pattern Searches

Genestream Resource Center


Form for Multiple Sequence Alignment

Molecular biology, biochemistry, DNA, protein, structure databases

ECDC homepage

Molecular Modelling Toolbox

Biotechnology Vendors

ATCG Biological Reagents Home Page

DNA Net Order Form

New England Biolabs


Enzymes, Biochemicals: Worthington Biochemical Corporation